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STDs from revceving unprotected oral and protected vaginal sex

Hi, sorry for the redundancy here on my first post, but while there has been great information posted here, each case is slightly different.
I am 30 year old male and I received unprotected oral sex with a prostitute here in Thailand 2 days ago. This was followed by vaginal sex with a condom. She thoroughly washed my penis with soap and water after both instances. Both instances were also fairly brief, about 5 min each. The girl had no visible sores on her mouth or vagina. I am now cutting my vacation short here in southern Thailand to return to Bangkok in order to seek medical treatment.
I understand that the risk of contracting HIV is very small, but what about other stds? I gather it is possible, but not probable? What treatment should I be asking for at the hospital?
I am obviously freaking out and unable to enjoy myself, thus the need to leave here early. I also feel as though I have to urinate frequently and now it seems as though my urethra is burning. Could this just be anxiety? Is there anything that could put my mind somewhat at ease?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much
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You should not be asking for any treatement. Your risk for STD's such as gonorrhea, herpes, HPV and syphilis is small. I see no reason to test from the above incident. Your symptoms could be anxiety or could be a STD. But without discharge it probably is not a STD.

HIV questions post in the HIV forum please.
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Hi Vance, thank you for your reply. I will take this advice as: don't worry about getting tested?

I know I mentioned HIV in my post, but my questions were more towards stds. Sorry.
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I see no reason to test at this point. But testing is up to you and might ease your mind.
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