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Please Answer, I am scared of STDs. Two exposures with CSW

I am 26 M from India On Feb 2021, I went to a CSW I used condom and did insertive vaginal for 1 min than she sucked my nipples and gave me handjob. During handjob condom came out so when I out back condom I put it REVERSE such that her vagina fluid touched my penis head, immediately I removed the condom and put it correctly. After that I got scared of HIV and tested at 3 and 6 months all negative.

On May 2022, I went to  a CSW and did unprotected handjob with her clothes ON (we did not do anything) but I got scared later and tested for HIV multiple times all negative. Recent one March 10th 2023, tested for hiv, hep b, and hep c.

After this two incidents I decided never to go to CSWs. This are the only exposures I have.

Now recently this month in overnight train journey (while I am using water pills for internal swelling after injury) so used public toilets (which are not at all clean) multiple times for pee. I touched the door knob to close the door and immediately touched penis (uncircumcised and lot of public hair) for peeing.

I am scared because I did not tested for any other std like chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, syphilis, etc. Maybe I have them which will inc my risk of catching others in toilet.

What are my risk of getting any STD from:
1. Sucking nipples
2. Reversed condom
3. Unprotected handjob

Symptoms- I have occational pain in prostate during urination.

I recently had ultrasound and urine analysis as annual health check up which came back normal with WBC/ pus cells as 2-3 (range 0-5).

What STD tests I need to do to anxiety free?

Please recommend what to do to relieve my anxiety. Thanks in advance.

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There is no risk from sucking nipples, and there's no risk from the reverse condom because there's no risk from a handjob.

There is never a risk for STDs from using public restrooms, either.

Have you ever talked to anyone about your anxiety? That's the real issue here.
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Before the reverse condom we did 1 min protected vaginal sex, so the vaginal fluid is still on condom. So I am afraid if vaginal fluid touching penis head can cause STD??

Between vaginal sex and REVERSE of condom there is 1-2 min time. Please answer this last question. If you recommend to do any STD testing for safe side?? as I have high post void urine of 110c
So you're saying that the condom was fully on, and then you turned it inside out, reversing it, and managed to get it back on your penis? I can't imagine how that's possible.

Even if you managed it, any bacteria would have been degraded by the time you did.

Also, post void urine retention has nothing to do with STIs and you'll need to work with your urologist about that.

If you're afraid, then test for everything if it will ease your mind. It's easy to do - just go pee in a cup.
I already did multiple hiv tests out of fear do not want to repeat the same. So There is no risk in this situation for any bacterial STDs, right?

Can you please reply for this last question.
I've already said there is no risk for anything., and why. If there was, I'd have told you.

You don't need to test for anything. The only reason I suggested it was so you'd get a negative result on everything - including bacterial STDs - and be able to move on with peace of mind. Up to you. You had no risk and no need to test.
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You have been advised on multiple occasions that handjobs are not a risk, so we will leave this thread open ONLY to address the other two activities.
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I forgot to mention I had post void urine of 110cc but normal prostate size and urine culture came back negative for bacteria. So doctor ordered another ultrasound next month to recheck.
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