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Scary! What have i got??

Why do GUM clinics in the UK not tested for all STD. There are a  number of STDs that are very common including mycoplasma genitalium, HPV and NSU. I have been tested for the standard ones named below and came back negative. What scary is I have urine infection as does my ex girlfriend and my new partner but I was told urine infections cant be passed on from person to person. Perhaps I have passed n something to my new girlfriend but my tests came back negative. Should I pay a private clinic to get tested for the ones named above since GUM clinic do not test for them. Its strange how two girls have same including me have urine infection. Please dont judge me for this as these girls have not crossed over but I should have been checked before starting new relationship.

What should I do?

Tested for:
genital herpes
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Why not have girls go get checked? How do you know they have a urine infection? How do you know that you have something?
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My ex was checked before being with me as i went to the clinic with her. So its strange how she has urine infection as does my new partner including me. I got tested for urine infection and came back i had one but std came back negative. Should i be worried about the other std's that the gum clinic doesnt test for? Its going to cost me alot for these :( but i dont want to put anyone at risk etc
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What is a urine infection? A UTI? What?
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Yes a UTI
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UTI is a UTI and not a STD. Some symptoms can mirror a STD but if you have negative tests then it would not be a STD. NSU would be the only possible thing it could be, but women normally are not affected with NGU.

So all 3 of you have positive UTI tests?
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Yes all 3 have been to doctor and been given antibiotics for UTI. I have had my STI tests back and negative but this doesnt cover all STD. Only HIV, Hep, chlamydia and gonorrhea. There are a few more I have noticed that only private clinics check for. What will I do?
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No reason for other testing unless after 2-3 weeks you still have symptoms.
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as in test again for STD in 2-3 weeks if still experiencing symptoms?
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you think it could be Trichomonas since UK Gum clinics dont test for it?
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No I doubt trich, symptoms don't come on quick.

If you still have symptoms follow up with a Dr.
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its been 3 months since slept with ex and 2 months since new partner. its nly now I have had symptoms and the two other girls. Spoke to doc online and they are pretty sure its Trichomonas!

Damn! :(
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Trichomonas would not appear as a UTI, trich is also rare in uk too. The UTI test would also show which bacteria it is so the doc can give you the right anti-biotic.

Which online doc has told you that its trich?
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Got my results...Ureaplasma urealyticum

Is this an STD? Some sites say it is and others say its not :(

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Well the experts on here dont think it is, part of the normal genital tract.  Did you pay privately for the test for this?

Take a look at this post


This might help. I would go back to the GUM and explain, they are the experts.
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Yeah I did STD online tests with sti clinic.com Private test cost me £140 :(

If i didnt do it then I would never have known and neither would my partner. Some people say its std and other say it isnt.

I will call sexual health Scotland and find out. Thanks for your help, appreciate it
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Yeah i used that site too, they offer you anti-biotics if your test is positive. I would call the GUM though as if you didnt have NSU then it could be fungal.

Would be interested to hear what the GUM say about this.

Good luck mate.
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ive called sexual health scotland and they say it is not an STD but does require treatment. Will go to GUM clinic tomorrow and see what they say.

Will let you know mate

Thanks again
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