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Small hard white painless lump

I have a very small, but hard white lump, completely painless, on the shaft of my penis.  I've searched and searched online and can't find anything that matches this description at all.  It's just sort of solid and is fixed in place under the skin.  Does that sound familiar to anyone?

I know it can't be genital warts, because it doesn't have that cauliflower look, and its just the one.  It's a millimeter across. Been there about three weeks.  Doesn't match the appearance of herpes, plus there's just the one (besides, I was tested for herpes a few months ago, and it's pretty unlikely I contracted it since then).

Doesn't hurt at all and isn't particularly visible when flaccid.  Google image searching syphilis, it doesn't match the appearance of anything like that.  I have been sexually active for several years (aged 22), but always use protection.

So any clues?  I'm planning on seeing a doctor ASAP, it's just a matter of money and time.  But in the meantime it'd make life less stressful for me to have a good idea of what it could be.  
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Bumps can be so many things and often non-STD related. I would see a Dr but not worry to much about a STD.
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thanks.  Any ideas what it could be?
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Not really, that is why I suggest seeing a Dr because it could be anything from pimples to irritation to herpes to fungial infection...too many things that bumps can be.
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Just to correct myself: when I said white, I guess I meant pale, since it isn't really white.
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try and google Fordyce Granules or pearly penile papules.  They are compeletly harmless and painless bumps often found on the genitals caused by sebaceous oil glands.
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Thanks, kaylerson, you may be onto something.  I definitely have Fordyce Granules, but if this is one, it's an especially hard, pronounced one compared to the others, though it does look similar.    PPP's are only on the glands though, right?  So I'm gonna get some Tretinoin and see if it does anything to this lump.
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