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Std risk from unprotected frottage / outercourse

I went for a massage few days back. The lady offered to give me a happy ending. I was willing to participate in safest form of sex, so I decided to go for naked body rubbing, without any kind of genital contact. Basically, both of us were naked. I rubbed my penis on her back and above her butt crack. I also rubbed my penis on one of her butt cheeks and later on her stomach. I was cautious to not come close to her vagina, anus or mouth. This went on for 5-10 min after which I masturbated. I did not use condom, as i did not find it necessary for this one.
I know this isn't a risk for Hiv or other fluid related diseases. But, now I'm a bit concerned if this was a risk for other skin related STIs like Herpes and Syphilis. Should I get tested for these?
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Low to zero risk. As long as u did not get into comtact with any sores, it is zero risk
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