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Syphilis from body massage?

Is it possible to get syphilis from the following scenario?

I had a body massage a few weeks ago. We were naked and she rubbed her body (not vagina) over my back, but, legs, testicles and penis.

Since she does the same with other clients. Is it possible to get syphilis?  
I understand that skin to skin can be infected.

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When we say skin to skin contact for infections like syphilis, herpes and HPV, we mean genital skin to genital skin, not skin like your back, butt, legs, etc. If your genital area never came into contact with her genital area, you're fine.

Someone with any of these is only infectious from the site of infection. If they have genital syphilis, they are only infectious from their genitals. If they have an oral syphilis sore, they are only infectious from their mouth.

You have no risk here.
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Thanks for answering. Would you say it was a 100% safe? I do see images of primary syphilis chancer and they appear on the skin, so if her body touched another man penis, wont her skin may have infection?
Yes, it's 100% safe. (That's what no risk means.)

The skin on other parts of her body - her chest, arms, legs, back, whatever - is too thick for anything to penetrate. The genitals (penis, vagina, vulva, anus) are mucous membranes, which is thin enough for bacteria to enter, usually with some friction.

Where do you see images of primary syphilis sores on other parts of the body? Do you have a link?
https://www.semanticscholar.org/paper/%5BPrimary-chancre-on-the-chest-wall%5D.-Valdivielso-Ramos-Casado/2a057feeb0a4a37a1cc409963dc119608b14943a  Here fir example. I also saw one on the face. So I figured that body massage that had contact of hands and chest (with friction) could infect me
So I can't say for sure, but if you look at that guy's body, he has a ton of scratches from something, and in the text on the pic, it says he refused to explain what they were from.

Wild speculation of course, but if he had broken skin, and clearly he did, that's a way for bacteria to enter the body. Perhaps someone with an oral syphilis sore was licking his body while he had the cuts, or while he was receiving them, or if someone had a genital sore, was sitting on his chest.

In any case, speculation aside, he had to have had broken skin, and it's evident he had quite a bit of it. In most situations, that isn't the case. You don't mention that her genitals or mouth were on any parts of your body, or that any part of your skin wasn't intact.

Test if you want to, if that's the only thing that will ease your mind. You don't need to. If syphilis were that easily transmitted, it would be far more common than it is. Test at 6 weeks. You had no risk, but I sense that you aren't going to believe that, and that's okay. Test and put your mind at ease.
I can’t really say if I had a scratch or a micro cut somewhere on my body, but I can say that fir sure she touched me with her hands and upper body only. And I haven’t touched her genital too.
Did she have any symptoms on her hands or body? Did you see anything that resembled a syphilis rash or sore? To transmit syphilis, you have to have direct contact with the symptoms of it. Since chances are really, really, really good that she didn't have a chancre on her body outside of her genitals, did you see a rash that could indicate secondary syphilis? I'm going to guess no, or you'd have mentioned that by now.

If she didn't have that, you didn't get syphilis.

You've seen what chancres look like when, on the very rare occasion, they appear on other parts of the body. You can't miss that. You can't miss a secondary syphilis rash.

You really are fine. You can let this go.
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