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Syphilis rash?

Hi I had unprotected reciprocal oral sex and penis to penis masturbation with a man approximately 8 weeks ago. over the past 3 weeks I have developed a red round spotted rash which varies in size from 6mm to 18mm mainly in the upper leg area of my body and at the top of my pants line at the back.The rash is isolated to this area. Most of the rash is smallish in size, rough, slightly raised and has developed slowly over this period. I never had any sores around my groin, penis or in my mouth. Besides the rash i have no other symptoms such as a fever, swollen lymph nodes or headaches. As I live in rural Australia I will be visiting a doctor as physically possible it would be great if a Doctor could set my mind as ease as I am becoming very anxious.
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In addition, I forgot to mention that the rash is sporadic, has slowly developed i.e. didn't appear  at the  same time.
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Hi what your mentioning is not a syphilis first symptom which would be a raised painless chancre and the odds you got syphilis from what you describe is pretty much zero risk in the real world.
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Thanks for response I really appreciate it. Just one more question. If the chancre was missed does the rash I described sound typical of a secondary symptom?
It starts on the palm of the hands and often goes to the soles of the feet
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