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Syphilis risk and protected sex

Hello, I'm a married woman who had an encounter with a man I went to school with. This happened mid Feb. We used protection both times for vaginal sex. Since then I've been tested for HIV and it was negative 10 weeks post, but I'm concerned about Syphilis. I do tend to over think situations and concerned about putting my husband at risk. My husband and I have been using condoms except for one time after the encounter with the school mate.. a few weeks back I had a small rash on the inner part of my lower leg that looked like a ring worm, and the other day my husband had a bump on his chin that had a head. It went away after two days.. Should I be concerned about Syphilis from that one time protected encounter? I can handle my outcome, but can't stand the thought of infecting my husband, at the same time dealing with our marital issues.. Thank you..
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Hi, to contract syphilis, one person would need to have an open active chancre sore and you would need an opening in the skin for the germs to enter but since your married it would be best to test for his protection. The rash would not indicate a syphilis chancre but more of a jock itch type irritation.
So basically he wouldve had to have one on his penis? We never kissed, and I didn't have any broken skin on my inner thighs. I don't think I saw any sores on his thighs or penis.. And we were protected both times..
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