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I had unprotected oral sex with a guy 5 months ago, i was the one who received it. Is there any chance i can get syphilis thru this? Last month, i saw a pimple-like thing on thigh, i scratched it and it was kind of peeled off and bleed. It did not end up like an ulcer but it looked like the appearance of flesh and dried up. I know maximum incubation for syphilis is 3 months so the possibility of me having chancre last month is quite low. However, i had a flu within the 3 months and i had about 6 pills of amoxycillin for it. Would the medicine postpone the incubation period?
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Yes, oral to penile contact could transmit syphilis. However, in that case the first symptoms would be exactly at the site of exposure, i.e. your penis. And syphilis doesn't cause pimple-like lesions. Finally, the incubation period for syphilis is rarely as long as 3 months; it's almost always less than 4 weeks.

Since you're concerned, have a blood test for syphilis, which almost certainly will be negative. When it is, you can move on without worry.

Best wishes.
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Thx you for ur reply, u relieve my concern
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Hi HowardH, recently there non itchy and non painful rash appear on my back, is it possible to be syphilis rash? I am not convenient to go for a blood test in this month. I do have a picture but i don;t know how to post it out.
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Almost certainly you don't have syphilis, and syphilis rash almost never itches. We don't look at photos of rashes on this forum. Just find a way to get the blood test so you can stop worrying.
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