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Treated for gonorrhea, symptoms persist - too long between meds?


I started experiencing pain while urinating and had a thick white / yellow discharge from the tip of my penis about 3 weeks ago so went to see a doctor. He suspected chlamidia and sent my urine sample off for testing but prescribed azithromycin as a onetime dose to relieve the symptoms. I took the suspended solution the same day and the burning sensation let up a few days later.

One week later I went back for my test results and was told I’d had gonorrhea not chlamidia and that ceftriaxone was also necessary. By this time I’d ask started experiencing some rectal itching / pain. I was given ceftriaxone as an IV drip and sent on my way. Rectal itching got a little better for a few days but has now returned along with slight urethral pain occasionally (although nowhere as bad as the burning sensation previously). It’s been 5 days since my IV drip. Could the one week between antibiotics have given the bacteria a chance to survive? Should I wait longer before going back to the clinic.

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Your treatment should have worked. Go get a test of cure two weeks later
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