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Urethral pain/ STD question

I recently had a few days of urethral pain/burning/discomfort. There was no discharge. Then it resolved. I had a sexual contact that involved a handjob from someone who used their saliva to lubricate my penis, just a day  or so before the symptoms began. I know that this is an unlikely infection cause. I wonder whether the irritation may have been, instead, from the fact that I cleaned my penis with rubbing alcohol a few hours later and caused irritation that way. (Simultaneously, to soak sore muscles I was taking a lot of bubble/epsom salt baths in the following days.) Can the urethral discomfort have come from this rubbing alcohol/epsom salt combination and lasted over five days?
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Yes that is were the discomfort came from.
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Thank you! I took one of those home UTI urine tests, just to see if there was anything, but it was hard to tell where the color stood between negative and trace. Bad lighting or urine coloring perhaps. Didn't seem dark enough even to be trace.
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Sorry to follow up again--I'm still experiencing the discomfort, to varying degrees, after 9 days. It has come and gone sometimes, prob affected by acidity of coffee/tea, etc. Can the effects of the rubbing alcohol and/or bubble bath, salts, etc., last this long?
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I don't know how long they can last but you had no STD risk.
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Thank you!
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