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Vaginal Blisters, BV and yeast infection?!

So, this past Saturday I was shaving and thought I nicked myself good after I got out the shower because I felt a small tear like spot on my labia and it hurt a little, was red. Sunday it hurt still so we reframed from sex that night and I noticed the opening around my vagina was red and slightly itchy. Woke up Monday to multiple red bumps, different in sizes and spaced apart. Not in clusters. No pus. Most on the right labia and only one on the left. They hurt but no itching. They only got white like heads on them after I showered which alarmed me so I went to the hospital. They said they'd do a Pap smear and culture test for Gonorrhea/Herpes/Ect to make sure. Test results came in yesterday and was positive for Bacterial Vaginosis and a Yeast Infection. Said the STD test results hadn't came back yet. They had given me an antibiotic shot before I left along with 7 different pills they said aimed at multiple STDs just in case until my test came in. Each time I use the restroom, I make sure to clean with a wet wipe and then apply apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil to the blisters. I have a little discomfort in my anal area. No bumps that I can see or red spots but hurts on the inside, mostly on the right but I've looked and can't see anything. They are now starting to reduce in size and coloring and are just red, empty looking blisters. Anyone had anything similar happen?
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