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Vulvar Papillomatosis/Yeast Infection/ STD?

Hi Guys,

       I am 18 years old; I noticed a couple of days ago that there was this light sensation when I pee, it was almost the type of sensation after you've satisfied an itch, there was no burning or stinging involved at all. About a day or two before I noticed that I had experienced wiping too hard (I was pooping a lot) and that I was a little bit sore after that, but the soreness went away. I didn't take any heed to it, sense there was no burning, I thought I was just sore from wiping extra well three times a day. But last night there was a different feeling; it stung slightly and the beginning of my urination, then transitioned into the feeling I was feeling before. So I got a mirror and checked it out. To my horror, I discovered bumps that look exactly like Vulvar Papillomatosis, but I can never be sure about these things. I am getting STD tested next Wednesday (hopefully) just to make sure.

       After researching VP, some women said that they got it from the inflammation that a yeast infection causes.  For about a year or two I've had paranoia about whether I had a yeast infection or not. My panties are a little crusty by the end of every day; the discharge is usually cloudy white, sometimes slight yellow (like the color of plaque or teeth); there is a particular odor, but not a bad one (I'm assuming it's my natural smell). <<< These things all seem normal to me, but I've always been mega paranoid at how I'll have little spots of white discharge that stay in my vagina opening. Curious about this, I placed my fingers in my vagina and noticed that little white spots of the way my discharge looks in my panties, was also on my finger mixed with my natural lubrication. I'm not sure if that is normal or the fact that there is not one time I go to the bathroom (unless it's the beginning of the day) that I do not have some discharge, even though it's not a lot it bugs me really bad. It also has a slight sour taste to it, not so bad but it's not right either. I don't itch or anything, and I've never had odd colored discharge so what I've been trying to do is find the mildest form of a yeast infection and observe it as that might be what I have- the only problem is that I can not find a resource like that.

       I've also done research on STDs and NONE of them look similar to what I have, but I have the same problem as before- I want to see them in the lowest degree possible to see if I might be in the beginning stages. As I said before, I plan to get tested soon, but I'm not sure if it's going to be as soon as I would like.

       I've also had all the symptoms of being pregnant, I am 5 days late for my period, but the doctor said that my urine analysis came out negative. For over a month, I was certain I was pregnant. I had intense stomach pain, nausea, cravings, "that feeling," I was bloated constantly, exhausted... the whole nine yards. Is there a way that any of this could've interfered with my "pregnancy?"

       Thank you for your help, Guys. I have some GRAPHIC pictures here if you want to check them out- I didn't glam myself up for them, so "Beware of the Hair." Just copy and paste the links in your bar. Does this look familiar? You see the white discharge I was talking about? Also look up VP and see what you get. THANKS.

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1. We don't look at pictures
2. See a Dr for an exam, unable to tell you really anything about bumps and things like that, only a visual exam can.
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make sure they test you for yeast and bacterial infections vaginally too when you are seen.

do you have a regular partner? have they had std testing?

have you had your gardasil shots?

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