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What are my chances of catching an std / sti?

Okay so Me & an old girl friend of mines decided we were going to have sex..   we started kissing and I got a little blood in my mouth but I thought I was just tasting the metal off of her braces. So we kept going and later on to find out she had a little cut in her mouth. But anyways I started fingering her (she was very wet) and then I decide to put the condom on and she gets on top of me..my penis didn't fit all the way only like the tip, I think I precummed a little but I DID have a CONDOM on I ended up not ejaculating but anyways like 3 days later I'm having like small stomach pains around the right lower stomach area... But I have also been taking Epsom salt baths for the past 2 days in quite a bit of Epsom salts .. Do you think I'm just over worrying about it? The girl had sex with 2 other guys before me btw, & it doesn't hurt to pee or anything but I have been going poop a little more than usual. Also had to diarrhea later on today it was dark green.. Should I be concerned??
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Hi, none of what you mention are symptoms of any std. So no you should not be concerned.
So The lower right stomach pains and a bit down to my right side of my balls and dark green diarrhea isn't a symptom of any STD??
Or Sti?
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