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herp ,or .....

hi dr i had sex 11 month ago from that time i have pain bach and feel like needle on my back for 3 month what is this , i had protected vaginal and un pro oral sex ofcourse condom rollub and i used again i had burning for 3 month and needle around penis, i got doxiciklin for 10 days without any discharge i had elisa test after 3,4,5,7,9,month all of them was negative and urine test and culture for 6 times all of them was negative test for syphlis it was negative after 8 month i dont have any pump on my penis or sore but after 45 days after sex with sex worker i had fever and sore throat for 4 days but i have pain back and spasm srange for 3 month and i had sotre throat for 3 montj that i am good please doctor help me what is this i have std or not i dont know iam good or not this time was for time iam married miam male 42 thanks a lot  
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this is not the doctor's forum - you have to pay to post there.

you have to follow up on these symptoms with your doctor.  if you've covered your bases with proper std testing ( a question you never really answered in your previous post on this ), you know it's not a std going on.

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hi thanks a lot for you answer i dont undrestand what you mean can you explain for me
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hi before that sex i didnt have any problem i cannot think and sleep please help me
my doctor told me that she dosnt know what is my problem i got 6 blood test all of them was good
i scare from std
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please a person help me
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we are helping you. please read the read before posting post about how we are all volunteers here and no one is sitting here 24/7 to be at your beck and call. PATIENCE!

I asked you previously if just urine testing was being done on you or if you had specific std testing done. You mentioned you had  a syphilis blood test done. what else did they test for?
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urine test and culture for 5 times all of them was negative and no bacteria growth.this was my result urine,i had elisa test after 3,4,5,7,9 month all of them was negative and one doctor checked my penis he told me you dont have anything on your penis
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regular urine testing and culture aren't for std testing though.
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but after unprotected oral sex and protected vaginal sex and when rollup my condom i used it again after 4 houre i had a burning on my penis my doctor told me it is a simple infection
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you think if i have bacteria in my cultre urine detected but in my result write no bacteria growth
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