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herpes on inside of mouth

I have gone to several types of doctors but can't get a definitive answer. I get cold sores but now I believe I have herpes inside the mouth. I keep getting red ulcers on the inside of my cheek. I also have burning mouth syndrome And have gotten small canker sores but no sores like the herpes pictures that I have seen on the internet. I have gotten little red bumps  around the tip of my tongue. What are some of the sores typically associated with herpes inside the mouth?

This discussion is related to burning tongue and small white bumps.
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This could be a reaction to a toothpaste, mouthwash, food - anything you are putting in your mouth.

Herpes sores aren't typically on the inside of your mouth - maybe just inside the lips, but after your first outbreak, they aren't typically inside.

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Go to the doctor immediately when you have sores and get them cultured for herpes and    herpes type. Tiny red bumps on the tip of your tongue may be inflamed taste buds.
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