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Clumpy brownish fishy discharge after protected sex.

I had unprotected oral ( give and get ) with protected sex before yesterday.
I assume i am sore from Deep fingering and vulva a bit sore from pounding.
I realized todY i have horrible fishy smelling discharge and a clumpy brownish texture/color.

I went to gyno for a swab but I am absolutely terrified.
Did I catch something? Did this person do something to me in my sleep while unprotected?!

I saw the condom everytime.

Did i catch something from when he was about to put it on, but he flipped it to the right side?  
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No std symptom shows up in 2 days so you can rule that out. From what you describe it would appear something to do with your period  and a yeast infection as brown would indicate old blood.
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I ran to my gyno, he took a swab.
He suggested a pill of Diflucan. and Vandazole gel.

I took the pill last night, seems like it was beneficial!
WIll try Vandazole tonight.

I think it is BV or Yeast with resudes of blood from my colposcopy.
Can I get BV or yeast even though I had protected sex?
What might have caused the disruption of pH balance?
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It could also still be from your colpo and biopsy. What do your aftercare instructions say about the time to wait for having sex? Depending on the type of biopsy, it can be a few days, a week, or longer.
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He told me 3 days love.

I was on my 4th or 5th day.
Also, I think it is BV or yeast, and you r right the brownish might have been resdues from old blood from colposcopy.
Can I get BV or yeast even though I had protected sex?
What might have caused the disruption of pH balance?
BV and yeast aren't STDs, and while you're more likely to get them while you're sexually active, you don't have to be to get them.

Really, like anything can cause the disruption of the pH balance. The colpo could have, the healing process could have, the gloves the doc used could have, the condom could have, your new BC pills could have, the moon being in a certain alignment could have...

And even if you could have sex a few days after, it can be healing for weeks, so it wouldn't surprise me if the brownish stuff could have been from the colpo/biopsy.

Wait and see what the swab says, and go from there. This is one of those things that's a real joy about being female. *eye roll*
love the eye roll!! Haha
Thank you for your response <3
I am now applying Vandazole gel for 5 days. Iam on day 1 :)

The reddish/brown color which really was old blood is gone. Discharge is now white to yellow (this happened before) nut luckily it is not itchy! Let's see.

The doze of Diflucan seemed to help also.

Also, quick question.
If a herpes sore was inside the vagina, would there be any pains without penetration? or only through penetration one feels pain?
I think i am feeling an itch today.. I don't have a fishy smell discharge anymore i suppose! unless the gel is tricking me.

Omg did i catch an STD?
I am getting better I suppose. I feel a bit stingy and itchy when i apply that Vandazole. Thoughts?
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