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Do I have Oral Thrush??

Pictures of tongue: https://imgur.com/a/z1xxDQi

I just noticed today that I had white stuff on my tongue...unsure if this is normal or a symptom of oral Thrush.  I have no other sypmtoms.  I recently went down on my gf who had a vaginal yeast infection about a month ago which she received appropriate treatment for.  I also noticed when kissing her that her saliva tasted differently to normal.  Otherwise no other symptoms and the yeast infection normally was resolved.
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You don't. It's a normal tongue surface and it can have some variation.

STD expectation and Anxiety can produce a lot of illusions of tingling and taste change impressions. Because our brain is supressing millions of sensory impulses when we are relaxed and dont focus on any body part.

You have a zit on your upper lip :) put some antibiotic gel on it.
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