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Oral ulcers days after oral sex with a male; what is the cause?


About two weeks back, I performed unprotected oral sex on a male. A few days later, my throat hurt and and upon inspection I noticed an ulcer on my uvula and some white spots on my tonsil.
(picture : http://s1.postimg.org/jik6tarbz/IMG_0975.jpg )
After 3 days, the spots went away leaving me with only sore throat (which in turn subsided after about 5 more days).
What could be the cause of these spots? Is this a standard bacterial or viral infection, an aphthous ulcer or symptoms of acute HIV phase?

I am slightly worried because I started sleeping with this man about 6 weeks earlier and once was unprotected (I was receiving). I was tested for HIV 24 days from the suspected high-risk encounter with a negative p24 antigen test. And now I have to wait another month before being able to get fully tested again at the 3-month mark.

Any insight would be helpful.

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Hi, you can pretty much rule out herpes as a concern as herpes lesions are not white but clear and would be on your lips not the back of the throat for first time outbreaks.
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You would have to see a Dr for an exam, probably viral.
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