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Please read over and help!!!! I can't think about anything else

let me preface by saying I don't have sex almost ever because I'm so paranoid of pregnancy and STIs. the last time I had sex was in August and the time before that was December 2020.

i do use toys on myself a lot to help out down there. I did use one toy in particular a lot over the past week and weekend that has a suction mechanism for the clit. I noticed a few days ago that I was a little sore from the toy. didn't think anything of it

this morning at work I noticed myself feeling a little itchy down there out of the blue. I saw what looks like 3 little bumps around my clit? No pain or burning. Theyre different from the fortice bumps. I go to the OBGYN annually and have been tested for the regular STIs (not herpes). I've never shown symptoms of herpes though that i know of nor has a past partner tested positive (that i know of). I went to the bathroom and wiped myself. The itching has gone away for the moment.

please help im so paranoid and its all I can think about
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It's probably from the suction on the clit - just irritation. Do you use lube with it?

I wouldn't worry about an STI at all, since it happened just after using your toy, and the symptoms are just around the clitoris.

Give it a few days, don't use the suction toy, and see what happens.

If you don't use a lube with the toys, especially the suction ones, get one that is for sensitive skin, as it won't have a lot of chemicals and stuff you don't need. There are several good ones available. :)
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I always use a condom during sex
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