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STD I'm a virgin.

About a year ago I hit my hand,which got swollen, which made me very stressed out.About a week later I got pimples all over my body(w/o puss) puss on my glans a day later it progressed to ulcers on my penis and in my mouth. I'm a virgin. I went to a dermatologist but due to a missunderstanding I ended up taking cortisol(medrol 16mg) a pink fluid for mouth wash and boric acid for penile baths without getting a diagnosis. About a month after that I got some black spots on my penis and a white tongue which perisist to date and I'm left wondering if I got an std.A doctor I saw said it looks like a fungal infection, I suspect it's something I got form my underwear(my grandma's hygiene isn't the best) since the pimple's where located exactly under my undershirt and underwear. I'm worried I've caught hpv since my grandfather had penile cancer. I was so stressed out about my hand which must've compromised my immune system. What are the chances I caught an std from the underwear my grandma's washed,is it possible to rule out this possibility?Does it require a biopsy?Do you think it's worth pursuing?
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What about an sti? My white tongue is it reversible after such a long time?
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I forgot to mention that my bloodwork showed infectious mononucleosis does that point to anything.I'm afraid it was ghonorrea with gonococal arhtritis since I'm having some joint pain.
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Hi, its not possible to contract any std by touching someones underwear.
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