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I recently had oral sex (mainly the head of my penis) with someone I met.  A few hours later the tip of my penis burned tremendously when I urinated.  I tried to dismiss my thoughts that it could be an STD, so i waited a few more hours and then urinated again -only to feel the same pain.   I immediately grabbed Amoxycillin(previously prescribed but not needed) from my medicine cabinet and took one 500mg capsule.   A day later (today) and three more capsules later, the pain is gone.

My question: 1.  If i were to take a test for an std at my doctor's, will it reveal an std now that i am treating it?   I realize I may have complicated things by taking the capsule but i felt embarrassed about going to see my doctor, especially b/c i just saw her last week for something else.  I also could not stand the pain any longer.  

Thank you ahead of time for being here for us.  A real blessing!


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Thanks for the response I needed this info. as I have some rx sitting at home that is good and I am debating if I should take it before I go in.

You can see my other posts but basically I was in a similar situation - received unprotected oral followed by protected vaginal.  Within a few days I started to have burning with urination occasionally, not every time.

I had a full work up 2 weeks post exposure but I think my urine ones are wrong bc I did not wait long enough.  I had urinated within ~ 45-55 mins. before giving my sample late in the day at the lab.  The results said it should be "first void urine"

Now I am having a temperature of 99.5 and the urethral pain is continuing, some mental difficulties.   I will hope to see a dr. tomorrow and take some time off to see if I can get retested asap.  Friday will be 4 weeks post possible exposure.

I just pray it is not anything more bc I know if there is one thing present it increases the chances that other things are. That may throw off the statistics a little but I am not sure if that guy can factor that in and recrunch the numbers.
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Its possible you had something brewing, though unlikely, and the amox cured it.

However, since you took the antibiotic, you need to wait about 2 weeks to test if you want accurate results.

I agree with Dallas - self treating is never a good idea.

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Treating something that is not there is not wise. You had no risk sexual contact. Taking antibiotics randomly like you have can lead to resistence in other bacteria. That is one reason we have so much MRSA around..not to mention other side effects of antibiotics. I never recommend self medicating. Take care
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