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Should i get tested?

Hello guys,

STIs overthinking got me again. My concerns now are mainly for HPV, HSV, Syphilis, Chlamydia, and gonorrhea.
So the last time I had protected sex was in 2019, after that, I just go for erotic massage and only receiving handjob with no sex intercourse of any kind. Ever since, I have never developed any symptoms such as genital warts or whatsoever.
My concern is for the mentioned STIs. Should i get tested after almost 3 years of the last time i had sex and never developed any symptoms? as i read that some of those STIs clearup on their own!
The reason am asking is because i am getting married soon and i have done the main tests for HIV, Hep a,b,c and all came back negative. So i just want to make sure i can have sex without being worried.

Thanks in advance.
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You don't need to test again. Your test results are good and conclusive, you may marry and have a normal family life including unprotected sex.
Handjobs and massages your received are safe in terms of STI: they are not even considered risky encounters. I myself once researched the topic of syphilis transmission during massage/handjobs and found zero documented cases.
If you tend to overthink the STI risks, avoid massage parlors.
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I appreciate your response.  I forgot to mention that i had multiple unprotected sex back in 2019. So I’m just wondering if i need to get tested for the mentioned STIs eventhough i never developed any symptoms eversince.
It is up to you; your risks are low.
Gonorrhea and chlamydia do not linger for that long, they clear on their on, syphilis is very symptomatic and hard to miss, as for HPV, testing is not reliable. You got HIV and Hep covered, so there's nothing much left.
I don't see much point in testing but if it gives you peace of mind, why not. For some people it just feels good to have those negative results.
No need. You had HIV covered and syphilis is hard to miss. Other infections should have cleared up.
It is up to you. You may test, the tests will be negative, if it gives you peace of mind, why not.
Thank you for your clarification. Yes, that was my point if they should be cleared up on their own by now. But if those STIs clears on their own, why people get paranoid about them, and who should get the tests?
People get tested to get diagnosed if they have symptoms or if they had risky encounters. There are proper timelines for each test: like, no one tests for COVID months after one feels sick.
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I forgot to mention that i have had few unprotected sex before 2019.
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