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Someone Help me Please! worried and young 18M

I went to a erotic massage parlour around 2 weeks ago , It all started normal until she took everything off. We partook in outercourse (Frottage) , without any penetration whatsoever, she was naked and so was I , we rubbed our genitals for a maximum of 3 minutes, I am quite certain no vaginal fluids were in contact with my penis head. 2 days after the ordeal i had a strenous itch on my genitals , but with no visual rash or bumps or spots, the itch persisted until i used hydrocortisone 2 days ago , now its gone!

3 days ago i started getting a mild burn after urination and during urination , it occurs intensively throughout the night. I have also noticed a watery discharge after peeing (Ive been drinking atleast 3L of water daily). Also a mild pain after ejaculation (Have stopped since symptoms shone). I am concerned about possible STD's such as gonnorhea or chylmydia, but in the back of my mind also believe it could be a UTI or a sexually transmitted yeast infection. Also another note is that i shaved my pubic hair  before the ordeal , if that affects any responses...

Please provide feeback as i am really worried still being quite young and in school :(

Some of my questions are:

1. Is it possible to get Gonnorhea or Chylmdyia from such an act (Outercourse/Frottage)?  Ive read articles and they've said even with penetration the chances are like 30%

2. The very mild burning sensation generally occurs during the night or during urination , not very sure if its a UTI or an STI , any opinions?

3. Itching has pretty much vanished , but mild burning, watery discharge after peeing and the urge to pee still occur.  any opinions?

4. The  mild burning has recently started (1.5 weeks after the parlour) could this be a potential STD after the incubation period?

5. Is 2 weeks long enough to get tested? , im planning to visit the sexual health clinic in 3 days

Please help guys , do you see anything in this i dont? Ive been on sexual health forums and websites for the past few days and am seriously worried!!
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1. no you cannot get the std,s you mention from the acts you describe.
2. intense fronttage rubing can cause an friction injury.
3. a water discharge could be normal that your just noticing now from your anxiety or an friction injury inside causing lubricants to develop to ease the injury.
4. The mild burning is most likely caused by you constantly milking your penis checking for things.
5. Since your so upset about this i think its a good idea to see a doctor to ease your anxiety.
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Thank you so much for the reply!!

Can the mild burning really be due to me possibly touching playing around with the penis? Is there a name for the cause?

As this burning is the only aspect making me leaning towards a possible STI , I've also noticed faint white particle things in my urine , I'm not sure if those link to infections , but I've had this burning at night after and during urination for the past 3 days and the burn sometimes remains for the whole night. I've been drinking plenty of water , are you sure there is absolutely no linkage between these penile burns and the genital contact i had with the masseuse?
"Can the mild burning really be due to me possibly touching playing around with the penis? Is there a name for the cause?"

There's no name for this, except maybe irritation. Are you squeezing your penis trying to see discharge, or constantly checking your penis for symptoms? That will cause irritation.

Some STDs may cause white particles in your urine. More commonly, it can indicate a urinary tract infection, kidney stones, prostatitis or retrograde ejaculation.

You need to go to the doctor. You aren't at risk for the STDs that can cause this - gonorrhea and chlamydia, as those require penetration, but you may have another type of infection.
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