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Sore Throat

I am a  30 year old gay male from Pakistan living in Dubai. I have been giving unproctected oral sex to male partners of unknown STD status for the past 8 years. The total number of
blowjobs given is about 40.In the past 2 years, since moving to Dubai, I have given oral sex to about 15-20 people(3 people twice).
  Most of these guys were south Asains(Pakistani and Indian) except for one who was an Egyption. Never had any anal sex.
Also have never allowed anyone to ejaculate in my mouth. A couple of guys have fingered me but not for very long and nothing very deep.
My oral hygiene in not that good. I sometimes get blood while brushing teeth, though no rotting teeth or anything
For the past week I am having a mild persistent sore thraot that doesn't seem to go away. I also have a lot of fatgue and weaknees in my legs.
I am also having a bit of muscle and joint pain in different parts of the body. The pain seems to move from one part to another.
I sometimes also have clear discharge from my penis, but i am having this for ages and this happens in periods when i masterbute a lot.
The discharge usually happens when I stand up or bend.
I never had a sore throat in my life so I am worried.
My last blowjob was about a week ago, 17th March (though I had a slight sore throat before this).
Before last week the last envounter was a month ago, 19th Feb. (This guy had a bit of precum when i sucked him).
Now my question is what are the STI's am in danger of having? (Is HIV a possibility too?)
And when should I get tested for STDs. I want to know the time when a positive or negative would be conclusive as I cannot afford to do it again and again.
I will be in my home country after 5 months. Can I afford to wait that long?
Also does any one know where I can get these tests done in dubai?
Also I live with my family (brother has children) and I am afraid of giving them STDs too.
Can they anything by sharing utensils? They are very attached to me and play with me a lot and I kiss them a lot too.
Please reply, I am going crazy.
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Yes those would not be a bad idea to get tested for.
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When should I do the syhpillis and herpes test after exposure to get a confirmed result?
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Post in the HIV forum
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Should I get tested for HIV?
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oral swab for gonorrhea and chlamydia get blood test for syphilis and herpes.

use condoms to be free from STD's.

Symptoms are not of a STD, but doesn't mean you don't have one
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Hi I am having a sore throat and muscle spasms especially in the side of the neck and upper chest. Which STD could it be? Please someone answer so I can get that tested. I am going cray with stress
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Hi and welcome, unprotected oral sex is low risk for contracting but low doesnt mean "no risk". The test for gonoreaha and chlamydia can be a done a week after exposure. With the amount of activity your having, i certainly would have a test asap for all STD's and non STD.s since your having symptoms like a sore throat.
Also Nationality does not play a part in this as all races are at risk when not using protection
You really need to start using condoms.
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