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l wanna know am l still a virgin

l got fingered then when l reached home l had blood on my pants.
I did feel a sting of pain during the fingering process buh it wasnt my 1st tym
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Yes, you are still a virgin, as you haven't had penetrative sexual intercourse with a penis going into your vagina.

You may be wondering if it broke your hymen, but there's a lot of misconceptions about the hymen.

First, the hymen isn't like a covering or a sheath that women have. It doesn't actually "break". There is tissue that surrounds the opening of the vagina, which is called the hymen, and that thins over time, and having sex for the first time can stretch it, which is why it may be painful. If we had a cover over the opening, how would we bleed during our periods?

Some women don't have a hymen. Some can stretch or rip it during sports, riding a bike or a horse, etc. Not having one doesn't make you not a virgin. Sometimes you may feel this, many times it happens and women never feel it.

The fingering may have torn yours a little, causing blood. Or he was just rough and irritated your cervix. This doesn't mean you aren't a virgin. You haven't had a penis in your vagina, so you are still a virgin.

Sex doesn't have to hurt, even if it's your first time. It might, even if your hymen is already broken or you never had one, but there are things you can do to help prevent that.

Virginity is an idea that you get to decide what it means to you. Medically, it means you haven't had a penis in your vagina, and that's what most people use as a definition.

Here's a good article on it - https://www.healthline.com/health/healthy-sex/does-it-hurt-when-your-hymen-breaks You might want to read it while you're alone.

Let us know if you have any other questions.
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Exactly What I Was Going To Say. Perfect Advice.
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