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25yo male gynecomastia and erectile dysfunction

This whole thing started when I thought I was having a heart attack. I went to the doctor and then all of this started. I am a 25 year old male 280lbs and I used to smoke cigarettes and marijuana. I started having erection problems about 4 years ago. It was once in a while not all the time. Now it is still the same situation. I can masturbate with no problem I get erections when I am asleep I dont know how often but my girlfriend and i checked a couple of times I get morning wood sometimes but not always like before. I take viagra sometimes. I had and ekg and I took a basic blood test to check for diabetes, heart, thyroid and kidneys. Everything was good except my bad cholestorol was a little high. Since then I quit smoking completely and lost a little weight my blood pressure also improved and also my erections alittle. I have been recently been diagnosed with an enlarged breast bud or possible gynecomastia pending a hormone test that is only on the left side. I took a blood test and I am waiting for the results. It is testing my random testosterone, cortisol, estradiol, dhea levels and my hepatic profile. I have no problems with my testicles no lump, pain, swelling, heavy feeling nothing, except above my left testicle the vein is more pronounced.Kind of feels like a "bag of worms". My penis is at least average size and my testicles are also at least average size and normal equal consistency. My pubic hair is full and has not decreased at all. I am not infertile as I have gotten my girlfriend pregnant twice. I have male pattern baldness that started when I was about 23 and have alot of body and facial hair. My uncle had thyroid problems when he was younger. Recently my thyroid gland in my neck was alittle swollen (not visibly noticable)  feels abit weird when I swallow and I have back and neck pain. I don't have any vision problems or headaches, but I feel weird like I'm lost or something. I catch myself staring into nothing alot. I have a sedentary job using computers. I have no signs or symptoms suggesting cancer or anything else that is major.

My question is this what is causing these symptoms?

Could they just be because I used smoke and I am overweight?

I read because I also have had problems with ed there could be an underlying problem related to the gynecomastia

What is the worst case scenario if my hormones are messed up?

If my hormones are messed up is it possible to cure or does it usually become a lifetime fix?

Can my ed be fixed?
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I can't answer a lot of your questions, being female and all, but I can tell you that my brother has alot of the same issues.  He is overweight and smokes, but he also had his hormones tested and his testosterone levels were off-the-chart LOW.  This has led to even more weight-gain for him and very low libido.  He was told there was nothing they could do about his low testosterone, but I have heard that they can give you testosterone injections.  If I were you, I'd just wait and see how your tests come back and then talk to your DR about what can be done.  If it's a thyroid problem, there's definitely a lot they can do for you (I know, I'm hyperthyroid).  Good luck to you!
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