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Burning Labia


I am 29 years old, have not had children and have had on and off issues with my labia feeling as though it is on fire, the skin itself is so sensitive to touch even the softest cotton underwear against my skin seems to get inflamed even more so.  When I have gone to doctors for this they run test after test for yeast, bacteria, UTI, etc., and everything always comes back 'normal'.  Sometimes I've been put on an antibiotic or sometimes not.  No one has ever been able to tell me what the problem is.  I don't drink soda, I don't use any perfumed anything to wash with, I have tried not shaving or shaving, I wear cotton underwear, do not wear tight clothes, make sure to dry off entirely before dressing, wash regularly after sex or other physical activity.  I eat yogurt regularly and have also started taking probiotics (which I understand takes a while to start working).  

I do not have odors or discharge or itching with this - everything I have studied focuses more on other symptoms such as these.  

Is there anyone else who has had similar symptoms?  I have been tested and all is negative.  This has flared up whether or not I'm sexually active.  Help!  Any insight is much appreciated!

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Since my last post of my problems listed above I talked to my applied kinesiologist who first suggested baths with raw apple cider vinegar which seemed to alleviate some problems but not the burning sensation on the labia.  We are now trying to work with my hormone levels as he thinks the varying levels of progesterone aren't functioning properly.  If the progesterone levels aren't high enough this can create vaginal dryness which in turn causes a lot of skin sensitivity.  I'm now on some pills to help with the progesterone levels to see if this will alleviate the pain.  I'll keep posting and let you all know how it goes...usually takes a bit of time for these items to turn around.  
This sounds very similar to the symptoms I am having. I thought it was a yeast infection at first but after treatment My labia is still  red/hot... did the hormones work?
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