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Embarrassing Erections

No matter how often I pleasure myself before I go to work, I often seem to get the start of an erection and because I am well endowed, my bulge is fairly obvious anyway but when this happens it really embarrassing.  It doesn't help that there is a woman who wears low tops and short skirts who often flirts with me, I am a single bloke with a high sex drive and have not had sex for quite a while so am pretty frustrated.  I have tried not to think about this and masturbated before going to work but it still happens and aches if I have to sit still to hide it.  This female is getting more flirtatious and suggestive but I cannot go there because of work but she is making it worse, how an earth do I tell her, it is getting quite unbearable for me.

Thank you for any advice.
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I also have a girl who flirts around me and I can't do anything as she's my second cousin, on a family holiday recently she sneaked in my room while everyone was asleep, tied my wrists to the headboard, I woke up but she'd done it, she then told me to be quiet, rubbed my penis till I was solid, then stopped, stood in front if me playing with herself then left me in that state tied up and unable to touch myself. I just laid there throbbing then needing a ****, hours passed and I couldn't hold it all night so of course I started pissing for ages, she left me till my mother walked in, I've never been so embarrassed in all my life.
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I'ts a touchy topic to bring up with any woman, let alone with someone with whom you come into contact, due your job. My sense is that, telling her may not such a good idea... she might take it wrong and twist it into sexual harassment or something of that nature. Or, telling her could have the opposite effect and encourage her to maintain or ramp up the flirtations!

Maybe, if you wore baggy/ lose fitting pants, those untimely noticeable erections could be concealed. Is that an option?
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Hi, I'm Sean and I have a problem similar to urs. I am in a swimming club and I'm the only boy in my group. I have a crush on one of the girls and she has recentl started flirting with me! Last time I went swimming I got a huge boner! It wasn't my turn to jump in the pool so I had to stand on the outside, sadly I was the last in the queue and there were still 6 girls infront of me. I tried to hide it, but couldn't help in popping out of the top of my speedos! This really horrible girl shouted out: ''HARRY'S GOT AN ERECTION!'' and pulled my pants down! None of the lifeguards heard her and none of them saw what she did next: She pulled down my speedos a threw them. Another girl grabbed my hands and put them behind my back. They said I had to do what they said otherwhise they would torture me. They said rub ur penis! So I started rubbing my hardon. They giggled and they also told me to let them touch my penis! I felt their hands slowly rubbing it and moaned! I still had a huge hardon when I had to get up and jump in the pool. I got up but fogot I had not speedos on. Suddenly I was standing in front of the whole pool completely naked! Just then I remebered that I hadn't shaved my pubic hair! I when bright red but was still happy since the girls were touching my penis. I was fully erect in front of everyone!
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I don't believe those stories, they're sex fantasies,  and if you don't like her flirting with you tell your boss, somebody from human resources will talk to her, because that could qualify as sexual harassment and believe me, your boss will surely want to avoid anything like this
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