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Insufferable Vaginal Itching

Hi. I'm 20 years old, and I've had insufferable vulvar and labial itching for months. It used to be on and off, but it started to be chronic just this year. I have been tested for a yeast infection which came back negative, and I've never had sex so it can't be an STD. It feels the worst around the front where the clitoris is, and sometimes it feels a little painful. Sometimes even cotton underwear feels like a cactus. I also have discharge, so I have to wear pantiliners most of the time. It's worse in hot weather, and I've been sweating quite a bit down in that area. Also, I have very light periods that get skipped often.
I've researched everything I possibly could, and I've done all the recommended things that might relieve the itching, but it's still pretty bad. I can't even wear pants anymore, and I can barely even wear underwear! I also suffer from a hormonal imbalance, and I've come to nearly my last option that it might be related to that.
I can't see an OBGYN yet, and I don't know how much longer I can go on like this.
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Also, forgot to mention there's odor, and also little bumps on the labia that might be acne.
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You should try to see a gynecologist as soon as you can for another pelvic exam. It does sound a lot like a vaginal infection; which would have to be treated with antibiotics prescribed by a doctor. Meanwhile, unless you've already done so, go purchase an anti-itch cream at the store ~ the cream should really help lessen the itch and discomfort.  You might also want to look at anti-fungal vaginal creams.  Also, keep as dry and clean as possible; I know it can seem like a chore, but sometimes you will be going through a lot of panty liners and underwear daily.

Good Luck
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I am very used going through underwear and liners. I've used Hydrocortisone 10 but it was giving me this weird burning feeling. Dad didn't like the look of the inactive ingredients, and said there were too many bad things like Alchohol in it? I also found other ingredients like that in other antifungal creams.
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Well, then your best bet would be the antibiotics prescribed by your doctor.
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Update: I took a ph test, and it came in very alkaline. My parents think it because I've been putting lemon slices in my water(which I didn't know that the rinds were very alkaline), but I have a big feeling it's more than that. My mom reminded me that I've also been tested for a bacterial infection which came back negative. I tried to balance my ph levels naturally by looking up acidic foods, but all I could find were these healthy eating charts that said everything healthy I've been eating is alkaline, and everything unhealthy that Ive tried my best to avoid is acidic. I just feel like I'm out of options. I just..I don't know how much more I can take.
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You should  go to another doctor  and get a second opinion  
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Are you using a soap made for non-sensitive skin? You should use as little soap as possible down there in the first place. I would always get weird reactions if I put too much non-sensitive soap up there, including itching, burning, and redness.
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I've actually stopped using soap, as I read that area is self cleaning. I haven't felt any dirtier once I've stopped. I plan to see a doctor as soon as I can.
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