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Virgin and almost 26, does this imply any health problems or will it cause any?

My 26th birthday is coming in 2 months now and I feel like I've missed 10 years of important experience. Like I'm not really a man. I am autistic and that means I am very shy and often extremely anxious. All I can think about sometimes is how I'm going to become a real life 40-year-old virgin because I can't imagine any woman being interested in an inexperienced man my age. The way people talk about going without sex being unhealthy and the reason for school shootings makes me fear for my future health.

When I see or hear comments about virgins being pathetic or potential mass murderers it hurts. What good is there in trying if that's what people think?
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Because there is nothing wrong with being a virgin at your age - remember there are also women who are still virgins at 26 (please speak up ladies).  Sex without being firmly committed to your partner (ie marriage by some definition) only causes a lot of emotional scarring you can do without, and you'll still feel free. There are a lot of people who wish they could say they were still virgin at 26!  
Everything will work out properly for you if you just give it time and do not rush.  Do you feel like a school shooter - probably not, so if you are not, then you are not, and all you can do is carry on - don' t listen to what everyone else says - what does your heart say?
You are in my prayers - all will be well!!
Thanks for you really a good advice.
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Im a women and this is just absurd!! You are not going to become a killer or murderer simply because you wont don't have sex!! So many women are virgins at that age and even men!! My boyfriend stayed a virgin pretty late until he met me. Like you he was very very shy and extremely nervous when it came to sexual behaviors. I was also a virgin and coaxed him into sex by calming him down. NO women won't want to have sex with you because you are a virgin and are nervous. Believe me it is more of a turn on then you think. You are definitely a man! For anything you are more of a man then putting up with people who say these things. My boyfriend being a virgin and nervous about losing his virginity didn't even faze me. I actually found it very attractive. My boyfriends a bit older then me around your age I dont know if this affected him or not but I know for a fact being I am  women and have women friends your age that there are plenty of also virgin girls for you!!
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My husband was 37 when we married and he was 100% a virgin and on purpose. Nothing wrong with staying chaste at all. He is a very normal man. If you are pleasuring yourself than you are not suffering or anything. It is a good idea to wait for the right person and there is a right person for practically everyone. My husband is very healthy and we are pretty sure he has got un-diagnosed Aspergers. Not quite Autism but still a Spectrum disorder. When you feel ready you can always ask caring friends and family to help set you up with the right person (possibly someone a bit assertive with a tender heart). No harm in finding someone that way. We were actually set up and married very quickly and are at almost 15 years happily married now. Hang in there and if you are bored with yourself you can try changing it up a bit. They have those sleeves and I think they look really fun though I am a girl.
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