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no pleasure

I have sex with my girlfriend, but every time I do have sex I get no pleasure from it and I do not know why. I do masturbate a lot in the past. How can I fix this?
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Try to find a new position to take on. Maybe new things may work better that your think.
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Could it be a Physiological issue or could I be masturbating too much that will cause no pleasure. Because in Theory even with a condom on I should still get pleasure
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Would it be the Physiological problem as well as might you become self pleasuring excessive that can trigger simply no enjoyment or Look for a brand new situation to battle. Perhaps something totally new may match much better that your particular believe.
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Hi Cobra, Yes its the masturbating or over masturbating is your problem, and if you have been doing this to porn then its even a bigger problem, you need to do an 8 week break form masturbation and any sexual contact in that 8 weeks, this you should find will reboot your body, and get you going again, after 4 weeks you should find you are getting your nocturnal erections back along with your morning woods, but dont go playing with them as you will upset the healing, if you are doing porn get rid of the sites and any other things you have on your computer.
Come back to me in 8 weeks and tell me how you have done.
Good Luck
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How do you know that this works?
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What do you mean?
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Hi Cobra, Have a read around, put quiter a few guys on this, and this is something thats recommenede for porn enduced ED, so should work for you as well, and most of the guys who have done say it works OK
Try it a find out, then if does just come back and tell me how you have got on, and if it doesent then come back and say so.
Good Luck
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