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pirod probs

Hello all I'm pharah and I'm 13 and a half and I have not started me pirod yet.I have a lot of down below hair and I Have had it for nerly 2 years now I'm scard in case I flood out in school and I live with just my dad an my older brother and I don't have any girls in my family I don't whant to tell my best fraind coz I to embarissed to and I don't like my school nurse is there any thing you can do to help me thanks for your time pharah.
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Hello Pharah, I am so sorry you are alone on this. I am a Male and I know from Experience that it is not fun to have this happen for the first time. Let me tell you a story... I was watching my Niece and her brother at my Apartment and she was about your age. Her Mother never had a talk about this and she went to the Bathroom and called me in and told me she has blood coming out and is scared. The only thing I knew to do was call my sister and she was there in like 15 minutes and took care of it. Now I was a School Bus driver for many many years and I am retired now but I can say that if there is a Female Teacher at your school that you like I would talk to her. If there is someone in the main office to talk to I would start with there. Do you have a Grandmother in your life Aunt, or an older Cousin(Women) I would tell you to go to them.... If none of those are there for you then I guess you are going to have to put the big girls pants on(Sorry for the rough talk) and talk to your Dad. I am sure he will understand and get you the help and answers you need. Other then that I would have to ask if you live in the USA I am sure in your area there is a Number you can call to get assistance with stuff like this. Here the area I live in NY you can call 311 you also can call like a Hotline or something. Since you are on the computer have you looked up this information and see what they have said. A doctor, AKA OBGYN, would also be a great person to go to because they have ALL answers. I hope I helped and if you ever want to ask more just contact me.. Good Luck and God Bless you!
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Hi Pharah,

You're probably fine.  I didn't get my period until I was 14 and a bit.  There's nothing wrong with taking a little bit longer to hit puberty.  You'll have more time to grow, so you might end up taller than some of the girls who matured really early.  I don't remember how much pubic hair I had at the time, but my breasts started growing when I was 9, and it took that long to get my period.  You'll likely continue puberty after you start your period, and it might be really irregular for the first couple of years.  

If you're worried about starting your period in school, you can pack a little plastic baggie in your backpack or purse with a spare pair of clean panties and some pads.  You can even put the baggie in a cute little cloth bag that looks like a makeup bag to disguise its purpose.  If you do start bleeding during school (you'll probably feel some dampness), then you can get your baggie, go to the bathroom, put the pad in the clean panties and put those on, and put the dirty underwear in the baggie, where it won't get your stuff dirty.  Wash the underwear with COLD water at home to get the blood out (hot water will cook the stain in).  You can just hand wash the underwear or throw it in the regular wash once you get the stain out.

I sympathize with not liking a school nurse, but believe me, they've dealt with it before (on a personal level if they're female).  She probably has pads and tampons in her office, which you can check out beforehand.  She should also be able to answer your questions about puberty in a knowledgeable fashion.  If you get stuck without your baggie, you can go to her, or even a female teacher if you have to.  I have never gotten anything but sympathy when I needed to borrow some tampons, since anyone who has them knows what it's like to need them.  

Let me know if you have any more questions, and I'll try to help you out.
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Before it starts you will have discomfort in your abdomen probably.  Elevating your legs on pillows helps this kind of pain.  So does Advil.  Make sure you avoid getting constipated because it makes the pain much worse.  That means eat fruit and veggies.  Apples are good. Walking is also very helpful, even though you feel like sitting around.  You will want to get more sleep too.  If you start having a new kind of abdominal discomfort, put a pad in and keep pads with you in your purse.  Too bad many schools don't allow adequate bathroom breaks.  
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Apples and bananas are actually the two fruits that don't help with constipation (although they're still great fruits to eat and good for you in other ways).  Prunes are great if you need fiber, although they're rather sticky to eat.  Good point on the Advil and using abdominal pain as a warning, although I had cramp-free periods the first couple years.  This was a mixed blessing, because I also had highly irregular periods at first (which is normal), and I would get no warning.

For the OP: If you do have cramps, it will be a dull, potentially intense ache very low in your abdomen (lower than your stomach), and/or a lower back ache.  Carrying some Advil (aka ibuprofen, Motrin) in your backpack might be a good idea, although I know it's against the rules at a lot of schools.  Never stopped me, though.  You can get a small metal or plastic container and line it with cotton to keep the pills from getting crushed and put it in with your pads.
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