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Should i worry?

i developed a mole in my eyebrow around 2014, it’s now double in size, it’s raised it feels like a hard bump and when i washed my face the other day it was bleeding a little bit, i also have mole on my cheek thats edges have gotten bigger since 2017. should i rush a dr appointment? (cancer does run in my family my great grandma died from melanoma and grandma breast cancer) i’m only 31.
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Hi. So a mole can bleed when itched or irritated which can happen when it's in an eyebrow. That may be nothing. But you never know. Changes in size are also a bit of a red flag.  I am not sure what you mean by the edges have gotten bigger on the face mole. In short, ya. I'd get checked out. I don't know if it is rush rush but you can tell them you have suspicious things that need checked out asap. Take the first appointment available and get on a wait list. Another way to get seen sooner is to get checked out by your primary and have them do a direct referral. I've gotten in quick this way.  Let me know how it goes.
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