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Alpha Intrusion and Reduced REM and Delta sleep

I just had a sleep study this week and my results are reduced rem and delta sleep and alpha wave intrusion into delta sleep.
I have a lot of medical problems. I am diagnosed with Mutiple Sclerosis, Complex Partial Seizures, Pernicous Anemia, Severe Migraines, Scolosis, and 3 herniated disc.
My question is can any of my medical problems account for these sleep problems.....I guess I am wanting to know if this is a common sleep problem for someone with Epilepsy or Migraines or MS???
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try polyphasic sleep
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does polyphasic sleep help with alpha intrusion and decreased rem and delta sleep??
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Is there really no one on this forum with alpha intrusion.....I thought I would get a lot of information and support. I want to understand this sleep disorder.
thank you :)
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bump....I really need some help! Is there any medication I can take for this?
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I'm not a dr but I wanted to mention that I myself just finished a sleep study (I was diagnosed with narcolepsy) and I remember the dr mentioned something about how sometimes ppl are misdiagnosed as having epilepsy when the "seizures" are really cataplexy attacks. Did your sleep dr mention anything about this?
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thanks zombiequeen for answering.....I looked up cataplexy, and that does not seem to fit with my symptoms. I have not seen my doctor yet.
Just wanted to find out what I could about ALPHA INTRUSION..
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