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Do these symptoms justify a sleep study?

I weigh 130 lbs, am 5'11, 19 year old male, tonsils remove when I was very young, no lung disorders. I have had sleeping problems for most of my life. I find myself waking up dissatisfied/exhausted after sleeping, sometimes in sweats, out of my room, usually I have trouble breathing out of my nose directly after I wake up (a shower usually does the trick), and sometimes I wake up completely during the night if it is after 3 hour of sleep I can usually fall back asleep but within three hours of when I fell asleep I am usually up for a while.

More info: I have been told I snore extremely loud on occasion, I sleep face down or on my side most nights but wake up in various positions. Family members have told me I am very restless when I sleep (wake up with covers everywhere, wake up in different places on the bed). Very low energy and sex drive. Extremely vivid dreams and lucid dreams.

Thanks for the help!
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Yes, it sounds to me like you have some upper respiratory congestion or obstruction that is interfering with sleep.  If you are congested during the daytime also, I might go to an allergist first; otherwise, a sleep specialist.  Good luck.
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A quick way to learn more about you breathing during sleep time, asleep or not, is a recording Oximeter test.  This test can (usually I think) done at home.  I had one done and it was prescribed and arranged for by my primary care doctor.  The test itself was not expensive, so even in the absence of insurance most can afford to have the test done.  I think one can have the test done without a prescription, but insurance will require a doctor's prescription I believe.  One can also purchase a recording Oximeter for under $200 I think, and I have myself purchased a non-recording Oximeter for about $25.  

I am also afflicted with aging, so we depart in that regard, and while I have been diagnosed with sleep apnea loss of about 10% of my body weight has provided relief - there too we are on different tracks, you are clearly not overweight.

I'd try to start with a doctor supervised Oximeter run.  This could lead to a full sleep study, it did for me.

I fine your "lucid dreaming" statement of particular interest.  I have made an attempt to convert my trouble mare time into lucid dreams, but I have not succeeded, yet.
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