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Does anyone here have RBD?

I have RBD. Rem behavioral disorder affects your rem sleep. Our bodies are supposed to be in a state of paralysis during REM sleep. This is when you dream. My body stays active. I act out things that happen in my dreams as if I'm in a movie. If I leap in my dream I may end up jumping out of bed into the wall. I have been bruised, cut, lamps on my head etc. I now have a rail and nothing at all on my side of the bed. Has anyone had this for a long period of time and can tell me how their progression went?
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I have RBD, but I have not found any health professionals that seem to give a damn. I have thrown myself out of bed numerous times, injuring myself. I've knocked over bedside tables. I've recorded my sleep with "SleepTalk" an app I downloaded. During sleep, I scream, yell and make weird noises and pronouncements. It frightens my family and pets. I have tried Melatonin and it seems to help a little bit. I have been doing this for somewhere around 10 years. Have you found any help? I have not.
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