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Forgetting to inhale is this sleep apnea

I am starting to think I have sleep apnea from reading the symptoms.I am currently prescribed adderall for ADD, I have been taking this on and off and had stopped taking it last semester, and now I remember why I stopped taking it. When I go to bed after taking adderall I wake up feeling exhausted, I hit my snooze button 10 times! I was too tired to reach over on my table and take my adderall even though it would help wake me up. After being on adderall for 3 days again I have gotten horrible sleep its overwhelming when im off adderall.  The worst part is the apnea. Today I had a really freaky thing happen. I was waiting in my car for my friend to get off work and I kept forgetting to inhale. This happened about 10 times and each time was for awhile I would go without breathing

    When my friend got in the car I couldn't complete a sentence, I would start the sentence off and as i would finish I could hesitate before coming up with the last word or two ending my sentence. Another thing that scared me is when I tried talking fast I would use random words in place of the words i meant to say. For example if i tried saying out loud "lets go to your house and watch a movie" I SAID "lets go to your house and watch a dryer". I would also very spaced out, I asked my friend a question and she was telling me the answer for about 10 seconds when I realized i wasnt paying attention the whole time even though I asked her!

Please do not think this is the adderall alone, I have just recently started taking the adderall again in the last 3 days and I have noticed before that I forget to breathe when I was not on the adderall. I do however think what happened to me in the car is because the adderall is making my sleep worse. Before that my other symptoms were:

Extremely dry mouth when sleeping, I wake up sometimes and zombie walk to the faucet to drink, or if i had a full cup of water by my bed i would drink it all half awake and go back to bed. I have a very bad gag reflex that is really bad when i wake up. and my neck is very swollen under my chin, i also have restless legs, diagnosed with add (not adhd because I am not hyper)

im male 19 5"10 weigh 145
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Only way to know for sure, is to have sleep study.  Do not dismiss medication, for they have side effects/withdrawals.

From your post, seems to me Adderall is putting your body into a relaxed state, which can cause the throat muscles to relax, beyond the norm.  

My sleep doctor stated, any type of medications with sedative properties, can worsen sleep apnea.

Address issues, with a doctor and ask for consult for sleep study.  Good luck !!  


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Agree with prior poster - your symptoms would concern me and I'd want a sleep study to get definitive answers.
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