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Broken New Years Resolutions ?

How many of you have already broken any New Years Resolutions to Quit Smoking?  

I managed to already throw in the towel two days ago, when after another stressful day at work I gave in the early afternoon and smoked one cigarette, then two, then three...then almost a whole pack throughout the rest of the day. Its like trying to quit only made my cravings and chain smoking worse than before. Do other folks feel like their cigarette addictions are always sabotage their New Years Resolutions?
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If at first you don't succeed, try, try again : )
Better than setting the date and stressing about making it happen, try to understand your addiction and slowly undo those things that sabotage your quit.
I found the articles at whyquit.com very beneficial in helping me to understand my addiction and turning it around.
The very fact that you want to quit will make you succeed in the end. Hang in there and don't be too tough on yourself. If you want it bad enough, you will make it happen...just remember who is in control and take steps to take back your life : )
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I'm one of those that made 'that' new years resolution. Like I've done the last 35 years of new years. Very frustrating! Oh.....I did successfully quit for 2 1/2 years in the 80's. Had accupuncture for it with a chiropractor but didn't think that worked nessarily....but will to quit componded by the idea that if I was silly enough to go have needles poked in my ear....I should quit.
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I sympathize with your pain Jerry, and Im sure I'll be feeling the same way when I break my promise to quit smoking again after another 35 years. I just hope I can make it that long. Truth is, I really love smoking and dont particularly want to quit, its just that I feel Im supposed to. I mean, Ive been smoking and chain-smoking for almost twenty years, and it was only a year or so ago that I first seriously thought about quitting.

Even then, the closest thing I have to genuine motivation to quit smoking or at least cut back, is that I think I should not be smoking whenever I get pregnant. Problem is, I've been trying off and on for ten years to get pregnant, without much success. With the clock ticking and my paranoia about my infertility, I sometimes feel like I have little to no reason left to want to quit smoking. So I just make up silly New Years resolutions and try to convince myself that I actually want to quit - only to give in to my addiction to cigarettes all over again.
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You're note alone in breaking new years resolutions to quit smoking, people do it all the time, even when they should know better, but thats ok. I feel guilty because just this morning, I bought yet another pack of Marlboro Reds, which I promised myself I wouldnt do. Dont beat yourself up too much over it, and try to mentally prepare yourself for taking another shot whenever you feel up to it.
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Today is my two weeks smoke free. I am using Chantix. I have tried many times before and failed. It was easier this time. I think I have made it through the tough days. Days 3, 4 and 5 were the worst. Try again...and again...and again. you can do it.
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I have spent the last several years quitting. I felt like I was beginning to be addicted to the withdrawl process. Beating yourself up doesnt help. Who knows why you failed and I think it is more important that you tried. As long as you are trying, you are not failing. Maybe next time will be the one.

I quit on new years eve and unlike all the other attempts to quit, this time I just did it. I dont have any craves, want tos and nor do I miss those suckers one tiny bit. I call it a miracle, my hubby calls it desparation. Whatever it is, it is a gift as somehow I know in my heart my journey with smoking is over, period.

When your time is the right time, you too will know what I mean. In the meantime, keep trying!
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Im glad to hear that Im not alone in realizing that it will probably take me several years of trying to quit before I ever actually get there. After giving in again this morning and smoking three cigarettes at home before I left for work I felt depressed again; walking up the stairs to the office, still smelling the smoke on my clothes, hair and hands, while huffing and puffing as my strained lungs left me short of breath again. I felt ashamed of myself, although I had the will power to abstain from taking either of my usual morning smoke breaks so far, Im already thinking about how good that cigarette before lunch will be. Yet, even though I feel the pressure building in the form of a headache from needing to smoke again, like the addict that I am, I have felt tougher for holding out just a bit longer than before.

I dont know if this incremental quitting will ever work for me, but I hate the idea of lying to myself about yet another new years resolution. Either way, Im glad to know Im not alone, and I am hopeful that I too will know when the time is right for me to quit for good.
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Crystal the only thing I might add is stop thinking of that noon cigarette as something you are looking forward too, mentally start thinking of it as a evil fix you are putting into your lungs....start telling yourself how much you hate doing this and how its slowly killing you....it all physiological you know, at least I sure find it to be, it took a few months of me retraining my thinking than the quit became much easier...good luck girl♥
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I don't know about you, but I quit because I wanted to breathe better. It didn't take me years and if you REALLY want it, you will put them down and fight for your life, after all, that's what's at stake here.

Don't allow yourself years to quit or it may never happen. If you except that it may take years, you have already given up before the battle has begun.
How can you give a cigarette total control over you? No more excuses, just do it and, if you should fall, make it happen again, immediately, and make sure you hold yourself accountable, because you are.
Good luck and keep reading (whyquit.com) and posting, it helps!
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It is a sad reality for me that it took so long to be able to do it. I would wish better for you and hope you never give up trying. The fact is for lots of us, it is all  or nothing. I could never cut down as it just made me panicky about losing them. I could never do the replacement therepies because it jst didnt make sense to keep doing nicotine while trying to stop it. Being told I had Emphysema scared me into a bout a 6 month quit. It actually took waking up in the early morning and not being able to take a breath. Then being told I would not live to draw retirement if I didnt. Now that got my attention! I will never forget about that feeling nor the vision of having an inhaler in one hand and a smoke in the other and realizing how utterly insane that pic is! Cold turkey, pure and simple is the only successful wa to go. Once you have the mindset to do it, not for toda or the next hour, but forever, then you can do it. But it just takes doing it and not looking back no matter what.
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