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Depression Symptoms?

Hello all.  I am a member of the Addiction/Substance Abuse forum who is two months clean from the Percoset I had to take after a serious arm surgery.  The road back to mental health after the withdrawl has been long and hard.  I am finally getting comforatable in my head again.  I am now ready to take the next step and get off the cigarettes.  I have been smoking a little less than a pack a day for almost 10 years.  

The anxiety and depression was wicked and downright scary at times when I got off the medication.  Any advice about what to expect with smoking cessation would be great.  What was the overall effect on mental health?  


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Hi Matt and congrats on your percoset quit! Now that you have the mindset of a quitter it just may be helpful here.

In retrospect, there is a wonderful website, whyquit.com thst supports a cold turkey quit, but you can use a NRT and still acess the articles there. Look under "Education" column.

For me, reading these articles were what got me through some really tough times. As you begin your quit, the physical withdrawals will last about 72 hours. Everyones 3 days are different but I think we will all agree that it's difficult. It's what comes afterward that is the hardest part and that is where those articles come in handy. If you educate yourself as to WHY you smoke, then your fight gets a little easier.

Most of us here admit that long after the withdrawals are over it's the emotional addiction that we are truly fighting. Anxiety/depression seem to be everyones underlying problem and somehow we have confused a cig as the answer to all our problems. This is a behavior that has to be "unlearned."

Support is very important as you probably know from your other quit. We here are at different stages of our quit but we are a good bunch : ) We will be here when you are ready.
Kathy Jo
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Kathy Jo,

Thanks for the kind words.  I am pretty well versed, and understand what to expect.  I just fear that the emotional symptoms may complicate or undermine my current sobriety.  I suppose the real issue is that I am feeling better now,and hate the thought of going back to that dark place!  But it must be done, so why not now?

Congrats on being smoke-free for so long!  After how many days did you find that you were able to function reasonably well?  After being down and out with the opiate withdrawl and recovery, my life has little room for idle time right now.  You think I can manage to meet my work and family needs after a few days?

I appreciate it.  Thanks.

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Hi Matt, congrats on getting off the percs!  That is an incredibly tough thing to do, but so worth the suffering once your on the other side as you have found out.  

I don't have much to add to kathyjo's words or excellent advice.  Yes, the nicotine is gone in 3days, but that is when the work actually begins.  

This is awesome you're ready to take this step.  You sound like you are ready to "go to work" which is what needs to happen.  It takes work, dedication and a steel mindset to quit using cigarettes as an emotional crutch.  Once you see it that way and understand why you smoke in the first place, it gets a tiny bit easier.  

Good luck.  We're here for you!!!
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Matt, it does literally take 72hrs for the nicotine to leave your system so for 3days, you may feel very on edge, but nothing like perc w/d, I guarantee that.  What got me through the first 3days is to talk to myself by saying "okay, only 48 more hours to go" or "only 24hrs to go"...like that.  After that, the physical is pretty much gone and now it's all mental.  
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I hate failing and because of this I didn't tell anyone about my intentions. I used Chantix and, for me, it worked like magic but there are many others who will beg to differ with me. I joined this site after 4 weeks and it was by accident that I found it. I was so sick.....going on my second sinus infection, pleurisy and bronchitis to follow, all in the first 4 months and I was ready to smoke, just to feel normal again! I thought for certain that all of these things were because of my quit. I am so grateful to have stumbled onto this forum as I had another 3 months of illness before it stopped! The people here were the ones that got me through it.....teko & Jade as well as some others, they are why I was so successful in my quit.
My family never knew I was "quit" until it was about 2 months time. They will tell you now that they saw a change in me but just chalked it up to hormones : )

The busier you keep yourself, the better it is. Exercise, brisk walks, anything that is physical will really help. Being physical really helps our mental outlook. Make sure you recognize all of the changes in your life without them, even the subtle ones and you will won't ever want to go back to smoking.
I stopped smoking indoors many years before my quit but if you do, then I suggest getting your house/apartment painted, rugs cleaned and anything else that may hold onto the smell. I used to smoke in my car, but with the window open, thinking that it wasn't going to smell up my interior. Boy was I wrong. Took it to be detailed and it wasn't too bad.

Matt, we will be here for you.
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See Matt, this is why these forums are so great.  You get many different perspectives.  I never got sick like kathyjo, just felt incredibly edgy and nasty for those few days.  Felt like crying alot too...which I did...alot lol.  Each person has a different experience, but the one thing in common we all have and I'm sure would agree, is the thought that a cigarette is the answer to our woes and if we would just take that first puff, it would all go away.  You must keep in mind all the carcinegins and chemicals in cigarettes and how they have been affecting you for so long.  Your body is getting rid of all those poisons and you will suffer some.  

I have been smoke free for 64 days and it's still a struggle with a ton of anxiety, but I have an anxiety disorder in the first place and quitting smoking just amped all that up so bad, it was hard to get past, but I don't feel nearly as bad as a month ago so I keep that thought and think to myself how much better I will feel in yet Another month and so on...

I also had to deal with hot flashes for about 40 days straight, but I've never seen a male talk about having hot flashes after quitting smoking lol.  

I have to say, I finally feel pretty good today with no thoughts of smoking whatsoever, so far...
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