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I have a insurance blood test- how can I rid nicotine?

I have an upcoming blood test for life insurance. I am not a heavy smoker ( approx. 8-10  cigarettes weekly) How do I rid the nicotine from my system??? I just smoked 3 today???
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wow i dont know this one .....i have never had anyone ask LOL..... let me see if i can find out .are you sure they are going to test you for nicotine i have never heard of this ?
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All nicottine leaves the body in 3 days...except for hair.

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hummm what i just read aid 30 days
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How long can nicotine be detected in blood or urine after quiting smoking?   [Top]

The byproducts of nicotine can be detected in the blood for up to a month after you stop smoking. This is only of concern if you are in a situation where someone else might want to test you for the presence of nicotine or nicotine byproducts in your system.
Submitted by Brian
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It leaves your system within 2-3 days. The psychological addiction may continue for a much longer time. The strong with-drawl symptoms that some persons experience significantly decrease after the last dose. ONLY ONE cigarette may cause the
with-drawl process to start all over.


Unless I;m missing something...neen smoke free for 32 days

Does anyone know if there is a supplement that will flush out your system faster?  
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LOL some where between 3 and thrity days
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thats not a good thing.  If you lie and it's detected.....trouble.

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        OK this is closer to nicks lets hope this is right .....LOLNicotine stays in the blood for several hours, up to 48 hours to be precise. After this it cannot be detected in the blood or urine. However, the metabolite of nicotine which is known as Cotinine leaves its traces in blood as well as in urine for up to 7 days. About 85 to 90 per cent of the nicotine which is present in your blood is metabolised by the liver and is thrown out of your system by the kidney. But due to the higher concentration, many a times, it still persists in the blood stream. Nicotine is a very highly addictive chemical that is the main component of cigarettes. Your body, especially your heart and lungs, will usually begin to heal at 12 hours after you’ve had your last cigarette/ stopped smoking.  

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nauty has a good point too !!!! not a good thing to lie about for life ins
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I think insurance company's dig deep on the tests for nicotine.  I heard claims that they test hard and can detect if you smoked withing 1 year.  I don't know if thats a scare tactic that they use, but thats what my friends insurance Co. Claimed.  That would really suck to be caught like that.  if you are renewing a policy.......eww thats tough.  I think---And I am no expert----If you smoke on a regular basis at all--which you do---It will show up.  Also, if you die of a nicotine related disease.......they will not pay the claim.  You really shouldn't try to lie on something like that for this reason.

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I actually sell insurance, there is a 2 year incontestability period, it doesnt matter what you die from, after 2 years the claim is paid automatically. And usually when signing up for life insurance they will ASK you if you've smoked in the last 12 months, but the testing is not that thorough, its the same nicotine test no matter what, they dont take your hair or anything, its a simple blood test. Ive heard it takes 30 days but not 100% sure.
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I'm so glad to have read this as I quit 22 days ago and am going to try and have my health insurance premiums reduced.
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Hi I am just applying for life insurance and I was a smoker and then I quit cold turkey for 4 years, since then my youngest boy was diagnosed with autism and things were hard.I started smoking again and I have just recently 3 days ago quit yet again. How long do I have to wait to take the blood test for my insurance before the nicotine will not show up?
thanks DT
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I am due to take a blood test on monday for a life insurance policy. I told them i stopped smoking a month and a half ago but have not done so i plan on stopping tomorrow will the nicotine be 100% out of my system by than?
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It's NEVER good to be deceitful on something like an insurance application.  If they find out you were not being truthful, it will void your whole policy (read the fine print).  While you will certainly pay more as a smoker, it's best to just be honest.

Also, most insurance companies now offer different plans where if you become a non-smoker, they will adjust your rates.  I know with mine, I would have to be smoke free for 12 months before they would adjust my rates.  They often will offer incentives as well, like discounts on smoking cessation programs.

Don't lie...the price is too high, it would be a real bummer to have your entire policy voided over that.  
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LOTS of variables within each of the different insurance companies.
Personal experience from our household.....my hubby was a "pipe" smoker at the time he needed to re-apply for life insurance.  They DID blood test him and based upon the nicotine level in his blood, had to decide at what rate he would qualify for.  As it turned out, he didn't smoke his pipe AT ALL the day before the test..... and  based on his blood work, he WAS approved for the lower rate.
He is now totally nicotine free for 3 yrs.....so this post was a good reminder for us to get back with them and have them review the rate. So ty for that! LOL

Another thing insurance companies are doing now besides offering a lot of varied choices within each company.....is using hair follicle tests versus the blood tests.  More accuracy and that particular test shows better history that can be valid.  Hours of abstinence vs. longer term abstinence can more accurately be determined w/hair follicle testing.

That answer may not have helped you a whit.....ha....sorry...but you DID
help us....cause we have forgotten to go back to the ins. company since he quit smoking his pipe!  LOL

Hope that helps.....cause you helped me for sure LOL  Maybe even saved us some $ with your post :)
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Can drinking alot of water help pass the test
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yes it can and acidic drinks...also antioxidant foods... it flushes the liver and kidneys..also exercise through sweating speeds metabolism in the body..it also said to eat garlic,onions, and egg yolks..well i didnt like that cause then i felt like a heart attack with bad breath....
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not likely, and they will deny u cuz they did me, because i said three months ago, ,or give u a higher rate,,,,,,so i am now over the yr  mark and going to apply now ill let you all know if i pass , i only take a few drags off my boyfriends  ,,, so a few puffs a day  ,,, well see .
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I used to smoke 1-2 cigs a day.  I quit smoking a few years ago, as soon as the e-cigs came out.  I believe they have some nicotine in them and I'm concerned that my insurance renewal will be denied due to the e-cig.  I'm not looking to lie, but nicotine is not what causes cancer in smokers.  Also, what about those folks who use nicotine gum, patches, etc?  They're not smoking, but enjoy the effects of the nicotine.  If nicotine is like any other stimulant, why wouldn't caffeine be an issue for the insurance companies?  Why wouldn't prescription stimulants be an issue, as well?  There has to be a better way to test for smoking.
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Good point.  Over the decades , smoking reduced from 60% to 20%, but cancer sky racketed during these years.  But no body questions sanity of the anti smoking propaganda, because smoking propagandists so much money doctors, advertisers, bankers every body is in their grip.
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This is all fine and good for life insurance. The real problem lies with healthcare and health insurance. Insurance companies refusing to approve surgeries cause you smoke. I call BS. on their reasoning, they want you to quit smoking for six weeks and take a test.
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Insurance companies should refuse elective surgeries because of smoking.  It alters your microvasculature, healing times, mucous production, cilia, lung physiology, etc.  All of those things result in longer hospital stays, possible OR times, recovery periods, PT, etc.  If I'm the one covering you and you can't quit smoking for a few weeks, then enjoy sitting at home with whatever condition you have because I'm not dropping a considerable amount of money on costs that could easily be avoided.
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my ex father in law got life insurance shortly before he died. it was only $10,000, but they said he was a non smoker. which at the time was true, but he had only quit a month before getting the policy and died 3 months later. they refused to pay and the cause of death was kidney cancer.  pretty crappy if you ask me.  as much money as they make, it would not have hurt to pay that out.  whatever test they did showed it in him 4 months later
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