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Itching with Chantix?

I am now on day number 8 of taking Chantix - still smoking but have cut back.  Yesterday, I started the 1 mg twice per day dose and within an hour of my a.m. dose, started itching like crazy. Benedryl gives some relief. It continued throughout the night and this morning. I do not have hives, difficulty breathing or anything like that - just itching that is driving me crazy.

Anyone else had this problem with chantix?
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Read the post by Joanna564 dated 3/11 titled  "Is itching a symptom of nicotine withdrawl."
It's hard to say what is or isn't normal but I'm quite sure that it does have to do with with your cutting back or the Chantix even though it isn't listed as a side effect. I had itching also but mainly my nose and scalp. I had finished taking Chantix by then so I didn't think to blame it on that.
You said that you were having headaches a few days ago. Have those subsided?  I'm sure this will go away soon so hang in there.
If it continues you can always write to them. The website is Chantix.com.
Good luck on your quit and stay focused.
Kathy Jo

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Thanks, Kathy Jo. The headaches are better. My desire to smoke really hasn't diminished. I'm on day 8 and still smoking. I've hear people say that by the second week their desire to smoke was really diminished and they weren't even craving a cig. I'll tough it out awhile longer and give it a good run. Thanks again. Amy
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I didn't stop until the 2nd week of the second month so please, don't listen to anyone else. It is up to the individual as to when they are ready. I think that it was about the 3rd week that I noticed myself tapering off. The beginning of the second month I was smoking about 10 a day and it gradually decreased. You have the full 3 months to do it so make sure you are physically & mentally ready or it may not work. To mentally prepare you might want to read the articles on whyquit.com. It really helped me with the mental/emotional quit. It's been 5 months, 1 week & 3 days.....there are times that I want one, but not often and when it happens I remind myself of all the positive things that have happened since I stopped.
Hang in there and post often.....we support each other : )
Kathy Jo
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Hello! I am only on day 3 and I already notice itching. I started the itching tonight. But also, I've noticed I have already began to cut back on my smoking. I was only smoking about 3/4 of a pack per day and now I'm already down to 10 per day. A friend told me "It's all in your head. The medicine doesn't work that fast." Whatever it may be, it seems to be working! Hopefully the itching will go away but if not I do believe I can deal with it versus smoking for the rest of my life!
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I hope the itching doesn't deter you and also that those will be the only symptoms : )

I too had a facial itch....my nose was itchy for weeks but I hung in got through it and the yukky stomach I also had from time to time. Other than that, I was amazed at how quickly Chantix made me crave less and less. For me, it was that "miracle" drug but there are many who would dispute that. All I know is that it worked for me and I am very grateful! I smoked for nearly 40 years and I thought I would die smoking.

You might want to learn some more about your addiction by reading some of the articles at whyquit.com under the "Education" column. Physical addiction leaves after 72 hours so it's the emotional addiction that is the real problem. The smoke with the morning cup of coffee/tea, after meals, while talking on the phone, with drinks...when depressed, anxious.....that is what keeps us smoking so if you can learn about what makes YOU smoke and work on it, thats when you will have a better chance of suceeding.

When you get a little stronger and find yourself smoking under 5 a day, change up those times when you do it. Don't smoke after a meal but force yourself to smoke before it. Try holding off as long as possible in the morning. I did this and it worked for me. When I lit my first smoke at 1 p.m., I knew I didn't need it any longer.
The withdrawals are still there once you put them down for good, but continue on the Chantix until you feel strong enough to stop.

If you need support, we are going to be here for you. It would help though if you could start your own thread so everyone knows there is someone new to the board. This thread is from a year and a half ago! I was 5 months quit then but look at me now : )
2y 1m 4w 1d 10:42 smoke-free, 17,406 cigs not smoked, $4,177.44 saved, 1m 4w 2d 10:30 life saved
This post is so encouraging & I love how the end states the money saved, cigs not smoked & time of life that has been added due to you quitting. I'm on day 4 of starting Chantix & I was looking to see if itching is a side effect of taking chantix. It's not listed as a side effect but I found these comments on it. I know it's not withdrawal cuz I'm still smoking so it has to be the chantix. Hopefully it will subside soon cuz it's driving me crazy. In itching all over, I scratched all night & I'm up at 5:30am itching. Please tell me this will stop?
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wow...i never thought of the chantix making me itch...hmmm. I've been itching the past couple days...thought it was from stress...and it very well might be as it has happened to me before. However, i've been on the chantix since November 6th...so a little more than a month...i took it once before and don't recall itching...

oh well....so I'll scratch like a cat with fleas for a little bit...i'm smoke and nicotine free, so I'll take it. LOL

though, i truly believe that mine is from stress...i will be sure to note if the itching stops when the chantix does
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