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well...this is it...DAY 1--need your help

Well...i knew somebody hooked on pain pills who used this website (a different forum) to quit.  I've been a smoker since i was 17....i'm 43 now....it hurts to even do the math and say the number. Anyhow this is day 1. so far so good.  I was also a 2 pot a day coffee drinker so far, i've had some OJ and an RC cola.  I feel pretty good. Truth is...my life ***** for so many reasons. This is the worse its ever been.  But...i suppose if i wait for times to be perfect...i'll never quit.  Anyhow...i'd appreciate any support you guys can muster.  At the moment I'm optimistic.  I feel good so far. Have had some urges but the chantix seems to be helping.   Fingers crossed.  thanks--jp
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Congrats on your decision to quit and you have come to the right place. Please post as often as you like, for whatever reason....you can even yell and scream here : )

Most of us are/were long time smokers and we can all sympathize with what you are dealing with. I quit with chantix and have never looked back. That was over a year ago. I will post my meter at the end of this and tell you where to get it so you can download one yourself. I find that it hlps reinforce all the reasons I quit.
A really great site is whyquitdotcom. There is an article there for every question you may have and a solution for every craving you may face. You can also get a meter on that site.

I'm sure you did your homework when you decided to use chantix but there is a lot of negative things being said. I had no problems other then a queasy stomach, but nothing I couldn't handle.

You are doing a great thing and whenever you feel an urge, post and go to whyquit. Read and keep yourself busy and before you know it, the craving will pass.
Congrats again!
Kathy Jo
1y 4m 2w 1d 14:06 smoke-free, 11,097 cigs not smoked, $2,663.28 saved, 1m 1w 1d 12:45 life saved
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thanks kathyjo.....i've used chantix a few times before (like everybody else...i've quit many times before, this time i'm gonna use the board) first time around....i'd throw up almost immediately after taking the pill.  Last time wasn't so bad and this time...well...just the usual dreams and for some reason...it makes me sneeze.  still the first day....but so far...i've managed to do all the things that i normally would follow up with a smoke....but...so far..no smoke...and no real crisis.  just looking forward to tomorrow.  i'm gonna download that meter...never heard of that before. thanks looks pretty cool
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I sneezed for a long while....I assumed it was all of the chemicals leaving my system. Just make sure, if a crisis should arise, we are here for you.
Good luck and check in from time to time : )
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day 2---doing fine...no smokes...no coffee (so far)...had about 4 cups yesterday but compared to my usual 16-20 that's nothing. can't say i feel any healthier today...but i'm sure i'm beginning to heal.  probably all in my head anyhow....oj instead of coffee...thing is...the oj if full of sugar...i always used splenda in my coffee..yet i feel the oj is better. oh well.  here's to a new day.
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who knew splenda grew on trees ; )
Day 2, good for you! A lot of people compare coffee to alcohol with a smoke. If you feel that your urges are in any way connected, then perhaps you shouldn't drink for a while. I stopped for 3 days and I love my coffee. I have been using a 50/50 blend (1/2 decaf) for many years, long before they marketed it. I was getting to many heart palpitations. I can't imagine how you get with your 16-20 cups!
I really found that whyquitdotcom website to help me through some of my weaker moments so remember that you have that option also : )
Congrats on making through the first day and good luck with day 2.
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Congratulations on day two!!! I use this website to recieve the support I need and also for accountability. Posting really helped me build up a core of others who continue to support me daily. I didn't think I could become a non smoker yet, in spite of myself, I have 40 days today.

I used to drink two pots of coffee a day, years ago, when my kids were little. Maybe this is why my body has slowed down in the past few years. LOL  I only drink around 2 cups a day, maybe three.

Good luck today. Post if you need to. Someone is always here ~ El
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Thanks kathy and Congrats elwood!!!

thank you for your support...this sounds weird...but it's amazing how much it does help for how little it seems to be.

So far no smokes...although i admit...day 2 started off easier than it's been ending. I had an afternoon of urges...nothing too powerful...mostly mental.  I took a walk...chewed some gum....paced....then eventually took another walk.  A friend asked me to drive to a hospital in pittsburgh (like 60 miles away) to see a friend of her's who's dying --only 40 really sad.  well...my friend smokes (ironically..it's her perscription of chantix i'm taking now...i have one at the pharmacist in my name...but her insurance paid for hers...mind doesn't) and i had to ride a long time while she smoked beside me. that didnt bother me too much while she was doing it...but i admit...i've felt some anxiousness today.

I have checked out whyquit....i guess...according to them...these feelings are good...tells me my body is healing.

One thing that puzzles me....after cutting way back on coffee and no smokes...you'd think that sour stomach wouldn't be an issue...but everyday my stomach is burning.  i don't think its from the chantix....maybe i'm eating more often and that's the culprit...but i would think less caffiene and no nicotine would cause less acid in my stomach...not more.

anybody else have this problem?

Oh...i'm gonna make day 2....but i am looking forward to falling asleep and putting this one behind me.--jp

thanks for your support...this sounds weird...but it's amazing how much it does help for how little it seems to be.
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I seemed to always have a queasy feeling while on the chantix. I think it's one of the most common complaints along with bad dreams. I don't recall this but how are the pills to be taken....empty stomach, full stomach? Forgive the bluntness but I remember gas being an issue. Try to watch what you eat...stay away from "known" irritants. Did you know how many different ingredients are in a cig? It could be withdrawal from some of them, who knows. Google "cigarette ingredients" and you will be appalled!

As for driving in a car with a smoker.....wow, you are brave! I couldn't and didn't go anywhere near smokers in the first few months. That would have been a huge nono for me! It's only recently that I can stand with my friends while they "do it." I think that's what is great about living in NYC......you cannot smoke anywhere. Smokers are definitely a dying breed (lol).

Support, without it, most of us wouldn't be talking about how long. It is vital. I sent my family and friends updates on my "smoke free" status almost daily : )  If I saw them online I would IM them just to tell them how long it's been, always waiting for their inevitable praise : ) I'm shameless, but it was so very important and meant so much to me. The more people I told, the more I dared not smoke for fear of having to tell all of them that I failed : )  Whatever works, do it.
Good luck on day 3 : )
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day 3 here it is....

looking forward to it...slept good last night...day 2 offered some temptation but i withstood it.  woke up for the first time and didn't feel like i had a grown man sitting on my chest. took a breath and it didn't hurt. one reason i drank so much coffee was because the hot coffee in the morning soothed my chest...made breathing easier. no cigs and no coffee...i'm not quitting coffee altogether but i'm definitely way down in consumption....not sure what this chantix really does but it definitely curves cravings.

i've quit so many times that i'm almost embarassed to tell people. i mentioned i had quit at work yesterday and the response i got was..."AGAIN????, hahahaha"  i just quietly took that in...gonna use that as some negative motivation.

one thing i realized about quitting....stress can't be an excuse....the world doesn't stop heaping stress onto us just because we quit smoking...even the people who badgered us the most to quit often seem to ignore the fact that their actions could play a part in whether or not i'll crack.  but like i said...can't let others be my reason for failure...but a 16yr old who just got his driver's lic. isn't helping the situation at all...lol.
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"but a 16yr old who just got his driver's lic. isn't helping the situation at all...lol".
No doubt!

Last February, 4 months after my quit, my then 22 y.o. son decided that come May he was going to move to Spain for a year. He did his last semester of college there but......
2 weeks before he left my daughter informed me that she was accepted to a college in France! She was then 19. What the HEII! Yep, I don't think I have ever been so stressed, saying goodbye to my only children and trying not to let them know how torn up I was....Okay, so I pleaded and cried and bullied and guilted them, but in the end, they still left and now I am eagerly awaiting their return.
Stress is probably why most people who smoke become addicted. I bet if we poll smokers or exes on this board alone we would find that most have or had in the past suffered from anxiety and panic attacks.
After my quit/in retrospect, who's to say that some of the additives in the cigs aren't the cause for our fragile mental state. I have to say that since I quit, outside of the first few months, that my stress level/anxiety/panic attacks have decreased significantly! Truth is, I can count the amount on one finger : )
Stress, anxiety will be the same with or without the smoke, so why do it......
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Congrats to your kids kathy...i think it's wonderful, they seem so bright. I just got a summons from the local magistrage (about 30 minutes ago) because of unexcused abseneces of my son. UGHH!!!!!  I am so mad. I'm the one that called the school telling them I'm having problems with him getting up for school.  They pay me back with a summons. I was so angry I flew up to that school.  They tried to make it sound like it was the magistrates fault. I said. I thought I was asking them for help and instead they are pitting me against them...my son..and the courts. UGGHHH!!!!! Oh well..still didn't smoke...but i have to admit...when i left that school...i was inadvertently looking for my pack on the passenger seat. none there...and none smoked....but one thing is for sure....nobody or nothing makes this easy....probably why it's so hard to quit.  too many distractions.  can't imagine doing this cold turkey doubt i'da made it this far.  

i realize it's only my 3rd day....but i feel myself getting stronger...i feel my lungs and sinuses acting differently than what i'm used to.  

hey kathy...u are a real help...just knowing you're there and your replies have really helped...thank you very much--jp
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this to shall pass......they do grow more mature with time. It's real tough and they sure do try our last nerve : ) Who knows what my two are up to, with the Atlantic seperating us.......At some point thay have to be held accountable but it sure does stress us out when we got to let go. I remember 16 like it was yesterday.....we can't drive that young here but boy did I hold the "privilege" of driving over their heads when their time came, lol.
No matter what, we will always have stress.....the times call for it......it's up to us to fight it. When you can take a deep breath and it doesn't hurt to much, well then it's certainly worth it.
Sometimes we look to sabatoge our own quit. Blow things out of proportion, just to give ourselves an excuse to light up........we are our own worse enemies (sometimes). When people "wait" for that perfect time to attempt a quit, well there is a double sabatoge.
I think as we get older we really begin to realize the damage that we have done......I have used advair for about 5 years now and now, after my quit, I don't need it twice a day as prescribed but I still use it occasionally. My circulation was really bad, when the temp went below 50, my toes and fingertips got really cold. Now, they are back to normal! My stamina has increased.....I do an hour of cardio 3 or 4 times a week and am actually up to nearly 5 miles!! When I smoked, I could walk, but I didn't realize how winded I got or how I needed to rest more often. I certainly wasn't able to do 5 miles! I am so grateful for my second lease on life, I only hope that I have a lot more years to prove it : )
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Hi jp,

Just wanted you to know I'm rooting for you.  I have one quit behind me which I failed at.  My second quit has been delayed because I'm waiting for my life to be perfect. : )

I love what you said in your first post.  Times are rough for you now, but if you waited for the stress to ease then you would never quit.  Kathy Jo has said this to me more than once.  It's something I think about daily.  Good for you for "getting it".  You also mentioned the people who want you to quit the most end up, seemingly, to cause your downfall.  I know what you mean.  My husband wants me to quit, but when I did, I rarely heard a word of encouragement.  He's never smoked and says when I'm not smoking, he doesn't even think of it.  Well, THINK OF IT!  Be helpful.  I need encouragement every single day.  Don't take my bad mood personally.  Try to understand that this is really HARD!  

You know what though?  Some of my failure was the way I chose to react to him.  I would get so angry and go out and smoke because I knew it would upset him.  How stupid is that?  I have learned that it is MY choice how to react to any given situation.  I have CONTROL of how I react to things.

Ok, all done : )

Congrats on day 3!!!!   Really good job!  

Hang in there!

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thanks jade....i know exactly what you mean....i once unquit after an exgf t'd me off...stupid huh?   well.....day 3 is winding down...can't say i haven't had urges....but this chantix really does ease it.  still takes some will power....but it's all mental really.  physically i feel fine.  i've got a long long way to go.  i'm curious how i'll feel at the 3 month mark.  I know i shouldn't be looking ahead....it's just it's got to get much easier....honestly....i'm more worried about what it will be like when my guard is down...that's when i fail.  i've quit so many times in the past. i always go the month or two sometimes even a whole year  then when my guard is down...one puff..then i'm done.

well....like i said  day 3 almost over....looking forward to a knew day.  it's not very often i get a citation in the mail so i guess if i can get past that bombshell...i can face nearly anything.

Thanks Kathy....you have a great way of putting things in perspective.  --jp
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Ok, well, since you know yourself and know you may fail when your guard is down, why not keep your guard up always?  

Addiction is a lifelong thing.  Whether it be nicotine, drugs, alcohol, whatever.  Ones guard should always be up for those triggers.  For me, anger is an enormous trigger so since I know that, I just won't ever quit....no, just kidding.  That just came right out through my fingers, lol.  

Try not to project into the future.  Just take it one day at a time for right now, ok?

You're doing great!  The day is almost over and look...it's almost day 4 already : )

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haha...well...guess what Jade...it is Day 4....but OMG honestly...im a relatively strong person...lives his life without cause drama for others....but i swear....since i quit....the craphouse has gone up in flames....lol.  I mean...everybody and everything is acting like those maniac zombies in the 28 days movies...coming at me full force.....going absolutely crazy.

i thought i was the one who was supposed to be irritable and on a hair trigger.  geez.  well....despite having my sleep interrupted with crazy drama from 1230am to 215am....i'm happy to say ....still smoke free. STRESSSSS is unbelievablly high right now (so much i can't even type right).  But......i keep telling myself....people who don't smoke have worse problems than me and they don't solve it by becoming new smokers.  well...hopefully (and i actually thought this would be a good...stress free time..HA) i'll make it through this soon.  

I was bet $20 this morning (130am) that I'd fail.  Their logic was that it was because it's only been 3 days.  I apologized for not quitting 3 years ago.  What do you say to something like that.  oh well...i'm ranting now. so i'll stop

thank you all for your support....it helps...i come here when i'm feeling an urge....so far everytime...there's been a reply and some words of encouragment. I greatly appreciate it.  --jp
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Don't you despise those people who are secretly hoping that you fail! Put their pessimism to work to your benefit. I love to prove people wrong : )

Oh stress......it's a part of our lives now. We all have it, varying degrees but it's and will always be a part of our lives. As you said, stress is with us with or without a smoke. It's almost comical how we put so much importance on the magic that a cig can do. Poof! Anxiety and stress is gone once the cig gets lit....lol......are/were we that stupid? If I live to be 100 (God willing) I will never understand how I believed that and why.

Well JP, it is day 4 for you and you are in one piece. You have survived the "72" hours of physical withdrawals. You are strong in your resolve to quit, no matter what gets thrown at you, congrats! It only gets better from here on in and before you know it, you will be coaxing others through their rough patch. That's what is wonderful about this board. We have all been there and know what the others are going through : )
You hang in there!
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day 5 is almost over...and so far so good. in fact, truth is...today was much much easier than the last 2.  Seems day's 3 and 4 were the toughest--ever harder than days 1 and 2.  Sometimes I have these phantom mental pulses for either my a smoke or even to the pack and lighter. It's weird...but it must have something to do with habits. For example....my morning ritual was to get my coffee and head upstaird to the pc. Not wanting to make 2 trips....i must have subconciously always ensured that i also had my smokes with me....thus avoiding having to go back down stairs which often was the case. Now I find myself walking upstairs and for no reason...my brain sends a signal to remind me to check for my pack of cigarettes.  It's not a craving...and doesn't cause me to want to smoke...it's just a little annoying. Actually happens quite a bit throughout the day at different times and in different places.  Sad to think that of all the reenforcements I could have asked my brain for over the years...i devoted so much to smoking.  Oh well...
One more thing....since quitting....i haven't stepped foot into a convience store.  This means I haven't wasted money on things other than cigarettes....no late night 20oz coffees (while stocking up for a pack for the AM)...no doughnuts...tastykakes....cinammon rolls...candy bars....milkshakes.....or other high priced..unhealthy...unneeded items--including lottery tickets..  all the quit smoking calculators tell you how much you save on not buying cigarettes...but the truth is....if you are like me...you save a whole lot more than just the cost of one pack.  I really have saved double....if not triple...of what my calculator indicates....which by now is almost $40 in cigarettes alone.

thanks again for the support....much needed...much appreciated. --jp
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I don't know if I told you about the "quit meter" on whyquitdotcom. There are a few to choose from and they keep "how long", "how many", "money saved & life saved".
It is amazing how much we spent on smokes and from what my nephew says, he pays $9.00 for his now!
Working on getting healthy, good for you! It's amazing how good it feels when your energy level increases with time. It's all good and it's incentive to be your very best : )

Congrats JP!
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I'm glad you are doing well. I used chantix to quit also and am now just about weened off it. I too drink coffee and now it doesn't trigger me. Keep up the good work
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day 7....feeling good. Looking forward to refering to my quit in weeks rather than days..and soon months rather than weeks.  thanks for all the support.  it's a major factor in my success. truth is....i don't have too many non-smoking friends who have any more support left for my quits.  they wish me well...but in all fairness to them..they have heard it all before.  i know they are rooting for me....i'm just not trying to rely on them like i did in the past.  my other friends smoke...so i don't feel right rubbing in their faces my success.  this board has been a godsend.  thank you all.
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Glad to hear you are still out there and doing well :  )
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Wonderful! I remember that same accomplishment and how I couldn't wait for my first week, month, then year. Remember that you have to protect your quit though. Reading the materials on whyquitdotcom are a good way to make sure you stay strong in your resolve.
There is a sense of "loss" that comes with the quit and a specific article "my cigarette, my friend" seems to put things in perspective, or at least for me it did. There is also a section under "education" titled "relapse prevention" which has a bunch of great articles that truly help.

I have a few friends that still smoke and I used to find it very difficult to hang with them in the beginning, I was so afraid of my cravings. Now, I find it hard to hang with them because their smoke really bothers me! The last time I was with 2 smokers in a home, my eyes got infected from the smoke! I went home and my husband asked me if I had been smoking. My clothes reeked as did my hair. I surely don't miss those days : )
My personal advice is to try to distance yourself from the smokers until you have weaned off the Chantix. If that's impossible, then ask them to be a little more considerate of your quit.

WTG and keep it up : )
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thanks Kathy...great advice as usual.  I don't really don't go out to bars much and I rarely drink.  But...in the past when i quit...i remember hating going out and comming home wreeking of smoke (a smell i never ever noticed before).  Now...it's funny but in my state....a safe place to go to avoid smokers is of all places a bar (it's illegal in almost all of them).  Honestly...it would be nice to go to bar and not come home smelling like smoke and even better...it would be nice to go and not have sit there and jones for a cigarette i'm not allowed to smoke while i have a beer.

oh...hey..i have a question.  When you first quit (or even now)....did you ever have dreams in which you smoked (especially on chantix).  Everytime I ever quit...i used to dream about cigarettes...usually in my dream...i was aware that i was quitting but in the dream...i would be smoking despite my attempt at quitting.  This time around...i'm having no such dreams. I'm taking that as a positive sign that my mind is right with this quit.  Funny thing is....right now....it would be so easy to go buy a pack...but its just as easy not to.  Does that make any sense?  I'm having trouble with that for some reason.
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