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Chantix interaction with Alcohol

My friend just quit taking Chantix due to the inability to handle the side effects. She has noticed that since quitting the Chantix alcohol has effected her differently. While on the Chantix she noticed the effects of alcohol tokk in quite quickly where now she seems to have a tolerance that was not there before. Is it possible that theh Chantix caused her intolerabilty to alcohol?
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I don't know about alcohol, but this drug has really helped me. I doubt I would be able to tell you I've been smoke free for over a year without it. I know a lot of peole get side effects from chantix but not much for me. I took it steadily for about 9 month and stopped about 5-6 weeks ago. I started having cravings again and broke down and paid for a re fill. That first pill worked fast and really helped with any cravings. I will take it as needed for however long and try to always have some on hand.
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I used Chantix but I don't drink very much, especially when taking a drug. I'm almost certain that "do not drink when using this medication" is there on the label somewhere.

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