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Constantly craving

I am 22 years old, and have been smoking for 3 & a half years (about a pack a day) I have quit 2/3 times but it is never succesful. As of now, I am trying to quit again. I had been succesful for five days and I just took 3 puffs of a cigarette (which I feel guilty for.) I am trying to mainly stick to cold turkey and if I'm really craving the Nicotine, I have been chewing the Nicorette 4G gum. I feel very depressed without smoking, and I know this is a common symptom. I also have been craving the cigarettes like crazy. I literally think about it all day, no matter what I'm doing. I've tried mints, chewing mint gum, used tooth-picks, deep breathing, etc. Is this common to constantly crave while you are trying to quit? I know that smoking is bad for you and I am at a young age where being addicted is NOT OK, and I want to have a bright future. I feel that cigarettes are controlling my life, and I hate not smoking. I find that the psychological aspect for myself is probably the hardest considering I am still getting nicotine intake with the Nicorette. Did anyone else have these problems? Is it OK to take a few puffs every few days in the quitting process to prevent a complete relapse? I've read multiple forums, and articles as well. I just feel very defeated and I'm ready to just give up but I want to stay strong. This is such a psychological warfare. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
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Hi Brit,

Hope u did well. I use 4mg ice mint gum and one day had a menthol cigarette while using one. The little devil in me liked the nice rush and I tried it a few more times. A few more times became a couple a day and a couple a day became an addiction. It's like nico-crack, an instant addiction.

I am now hopelessly hooked on smoking menthol cigarettes while using ice mint 4mg lozenges. Don't try it and good luck. Xx
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Oh yeah being around other smokers makes it worse for sure!  and Second hand is worse then you think!

having a few puffs every few days is what is keeping you from quitting!  sorry to say it but its true!  when you quit, your body goes thru withdrawal just like a drug addict! The nicotine slowly leaves your blood stream within 72 hours of your last cig.....You are then having a few puffs and putting that nicotine back into your blood stream, and then you start the withdrawal all over again.  

if you stick to cold turkey the craving will start to slow and eventually go away. but being in that house with smokers is making things much harder for you.  you need to keep yourself busy with other things.  anyway you can keep yourself out of the house as much as possible would be best!

the thing i learned most about wanting to quit (and failing a few times) is you really have to WANT IT.

When you really WANT it you WILL quit!
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I will also say - I am constantly around smokers in my home. (I live with my boyfriends parents) I am still around the smoking, and the secondhand smoke. This is also making it very difficult to quit.
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