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how do you exit nicotine from the body?

my question is that nicotine exits the body in 72 hours, does that depend on weight?
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i think it is not. it only depends on how much nicotine you smoke.

Full information is on the page:
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It's in the hair until you quit smoking, and then get a hair cut that is.  After a while you can just shave your hair, and say so long nicotine in the hair!  It will grow out eventually.
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When you smoke a cigarette you are getting your fix! The crave comes when the body starts losing the fix, thereby you pic up a smoke and you are satisfied. The damage that nicotine causes to the body is sometimes permanant but when you stop smoking, the actual nicotine itself leaves the body at an accelerated rate and if you do not supply your habit, it is out of your body in 72 hrs.  I think it is permenantly in the hair tho.
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I wouldn't think so. 72 hours is what is often quoted, for men & women alike...weight is never mentioned.
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