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can t7-8 tiny protrusion be the problem? or is it the srynix?

Hello 37 M,

I have Burning, tingling, numbness shooting pain weakness, cramping, in my face, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, legs and feet. That Began in May..i have always had lots of popping in my joints and have hard spots on many joints through out...Floaties in my left eye headache behind right eye. Rubberband feeling around joints..  
Lately....New stomach muscle pain and cramping across my chest...some slight hand atrophy..as well.
My Doctor thinks this is just Anxiety, even when he knows that i have a long work history of
Repetitive heavy lifting...
Neurologist has referred me to a NeuroSurgeon...why would he do this?
I need a note to return to work as my employer is worried i may further injure myself on the job...
Cant get the Neurologist or my referring MD to help with this Note... kinda screwed.
Brain and c-spine came back normal...they were looking for MS...
Below is the Thoracic Spin MRI Results...
In 2005 the syrinx was very small and only in t-9-10,
now it is thin and from t-9 through t-11.
If anyone has any Input On this it would sure help me out.

EXAMINATION: MRI THORACIC SPINE WO/W CONTRAST INDICATION: Disease of spinal cord (CMS-HCC). COMPARISON: None. TECHNIQUE: Multiplanar, multiecho imaging of the thoracic spine with and without contrast. IMPRESSION: 1. No evidence to suggest a demyelinating process involving the thoracic spine. 2. At T7-8 there is a tiny central disc protrusion causing mild ventral cord deformity. COMMENT: Marrow signal is normal. There is a tiny central disc protrusion at T7-8 causing mild ventral thecal sac deformity. There is a thin syrinx versus prominence of the central canal extending from T9 through T11. There is no abnormal cord enhancement. The prevertebral soft tissues are normal. The mediastinum is normal.
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