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Possible post traumatic stress?

I've been getting chest pains for some time, but have been checked out twice in A&E to be told I have an almost athletic heart.
The pains coincided with news of job redundancy, which was shortly followed by moving in to our first (bought) home, so whilst these things combined were stressful experiences, I brushed it off.
I managed to find a new role, which I begun in January, but have been finding things extremely difficult, much more than I should. I then attempted to tackle my fear of flying, which was followed a few days later by two flights.
The tightness in my chest has been becoming increasingly frequent, and my ability to do relatively straightforward tasks at work, progressively more difficult. I've begun to suspect the pains are anxiety related, and that I may even be suffering from PTS, brought on largely by the events pre Christmas, but further aggravated by my new role (which is relatively challenging) and other things like my flying experiences.
Do you agree?
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Hello Ejay, i dont know how helpful will my response be...but here it goes..
Firstly, PTSD has many signs and symptoms not just chest aches. Chest aches on the other hand can be a result of many other reasons such as anxiety, hypertension and/or any medical conditions. Physical symptoms having no medical basis of explanation, can be a pure consequence of psychological distress.  I suggest you introspect and find out.. are there some major emotional issues you have not addressed and infact suppressed it?? you could engage yourself in some simple self-expressive activities such as writing down about those painful events..give a healthy closure and see how it goes from there.

To tackle your anxiety...you may engage yourself in activities such as yoga, meditation and many more mindfulness techniques ...I am sure if taken up seriously...with time your anxiety will reduce.

Having said that, if you think you are meeting most of the symptoms of PTSD or Anxiety pl visit a psychologist, they would be of a great help.

Counseling Psychologist
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