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How long does the tiresness last??

Anyone know? I'm 3 weeks out from my stroke
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It can last for years. I'm 3.5 years out and still exhausted everyday.Being in cardiovascular shape doesn't seem to help either. I have a resting heart rate of 53 which at my age of 53 puts me in the athlete category. So I don't think i can get in better shape, especially since I can't run, swim or do any major cardiovascular exercises. you could try asking your doctor but you will probably get the Sargeant Shultz reply, ' I know nuthin.'
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I had a stroke and it took me about 3 months to start to feel a bit better. I had debilitating headaches for one month before, so I had 4 months of being able to do nothing, but barely get myself to work and then home again to rest. I gained 50 pounds during that time, was seriously depressed and lonely, so be very careful. When you cannot do any activity, the weight comes on fast, I was too messed up to realize or think about that. But it did get better for me. I tried to exercise a few times during those 3 months but my blood pressure must have been messed up as I'd instantly have to jump off my treadill and put my head between my knees to keep from passing out. I stopped trying to exercise after that. I realized at month 3 I was 50 pounds heavier, and I think that is when I must have come out of my fog and really looked at myself and paid attention to myself.

I hope you will be okay with time, but rest rest rest and don't eat ice cream :)  If you feel yourself getting depressed, reach out to someone, don't make my mistake!
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I'm back running 35 miles a week and its seems to have started to click in. Every day I'm reminded of the stroke. But SERIOUSLY what is up with the doctors knowing nothing.
I'm considering starting a website for younger 30-50 year old stroke survivors to share their issues.  Since the MD community doesn't help its very isolating.
Thanks for replying
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Try getting your B12 checked.
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There are numerous sites out there because the knowledge is so lacking - i belong to 15 or so. Both the ASA and NSA don't have a clue as to what information is needed for survivors, they just push the support groups. I have gone to several and found no one that was asking for answers, mainly they were  woe is me sessions.
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