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I think I may have had a TIA a couple of weeks ago but not sure?

I had what I thought at the time was a painless migraine with aura two weeks ago and didn't really think much of it. There has also been a feeling of tension or pressure in my head for a few weeks now too that I do often get with migraines. I've had them before but honestly not for a couple if years now so I thought they had stopped. The thing is, while it was similar to previous migraines I've had, the visual effects were slightly different than I remember and this has caused me to worry.

My symptoms happened over a few minutes and didn't all start at the same time if that matters, my vision went a bit wonky first then afterwards my arm a few minutes later. I had a tingling in my left arm and it felt like I'd been lying on it but I could still move my hand and raise my arm above my head. I felt lightheaded like I wanted to lie down, no vertigo or what I would consider real dizziness though. I also had a vision disturbance I find hard to describe, like it was difficult to focus on the words I was reading at the time and it was more like a bright light on one side rather than the kaleidescope pattern I'm used to. It felt more like a vision impairment than just a weird thing in my eye basically.

As I said it's been 2 weeks and I'm only really thinking about it now because I have only really just learned about TIAs properly. I could still speak fine and my face was unaffected so I didn't think it was a stroke but in hindsight I've started to worry it might be more serious than it originally seemed.

I visited my doctor for a strange feeling I've been having in my arm and lightheadedness for the past week (started a week after the incident) and I mentioned the suspected migraine. I told her I was worried it might be related and she didn't really ask me to go in to any details and just treated me for anxiety. Needless to say I'm not completely assured, although I am aware I do have anxiety issues. I didn't really go in to as much detail with her because she seemed more interest in my arm discomfort and now I'm wishing I'd been a bit more forward with her about it. Is it possible this was a TIA and if so how should I go about getting a doctor to talk to me about it more seriously?

She did take my blood pressure and didn't say anything about it so I assume its normal, she also tested my strength in my left arm and reflexes, all fine. I'm a 28 year old female too so I feel as though because of my age she may have ruled it out quickly but I am overweight.
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I ignored weird stroke like symptoms that passed after 15 minutes or so -- then I had a major stroke.  I wish I'd paid attention to the warning signs and started taking BP medication.  Once the brain is injured it is too late.  
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